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Camo vs. Blaze Orange Hunting Jackets

Learn about hunting in camo vs. blaze orange hunting jackets.

When you’re hunting, you’re met with the decision of wearing camo or blaze orange. If you’re deer hunting, it’s usually a combination of both. Learn about camo and blaze orange hunting jackets with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Camo vs Blaze Orange Hunting Jackets
Choosing a hunting jacket comes down to knowing what kind of hunting you plan to do. Learn what kind will suit your needs with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Blaze Orange Hunting Jackets

Blaze orange is worn for safety. It keeps you visible to other hunters. This is especially important when people are hunting with rifles or shotguns. You may think that blaze orange can hurt your ability to stay hidden from your target. In reality, deer see blaze orange as a dull color, so it won’t alert them. Different states require different amounts of blaze orange to be worn while hunting large or medium game, including deer, bear, quail and partridge.

For firearm deer hunting in Wisconsin, at least 50% of your outer clothing from the waist up must be blaze orange. You can also legally wear blaze orange camouflage, but at least 50% of that needs to be blaze orange. It’s also important that the blaze orange is not faded or stained, as it may not legally pass as wearable. If you’re wearing a hat or head covering, at least 50% of that must also be blaze orange. A blaze orange hunting jacket will easily give you the required amount of blaze orange.

Blaze orange requirements vary from state to state, and also with the type of hunting. It’s always best to refresh yourself with hunting regulations in your area. Check with your local DNR or hunter’s safety class to ensure a safe and legal hunt.

Camo Hunting Jackets

Camo hunting jackets are more suited for turkey and waterfowl hunting. The birds’ eyesight is strong; even the smallest movement can spook them. When you’re choosing camouflage, look for a pattern that blends in with the area you’ll be hunting in. Knowing the terrain is crucial when you’re choosing your hunting clothing and equipment.

Camo jackets can also be worn when you’re hunting big game, but it needs to be paired blaze orange head gear and at least a blaze orange safety vest. Again, always check with your state’s requirements. Not only will you and other hunters have a legal hunt, but a safe hunt, too.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we offer women’s and men’s hunting clothes. We even have hunting clothes for the little hunter in your life. You can be dressed for the the hunt from head to toe, with hunting accessories and hunting boots, too. Once you’re outfitted with all your hunting gear, don’t forget to pick up your hunting license at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet.


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