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Trail Camera Setup

trail camera
Set your trail camera up right to help you find the right spot for your tree stand this season.

One of the main reasons for setting up a trail camera is to learn where the deer go on your property. This will help you set up your tree stand in the best location possible.

Pick a Spot for Your Trail Camera

The main thing governing where to set up your trail camera is which spots are best for setting up a tree stand. The best places for a tree stand are those that have a good view of the surrounding terrain. This will allow you to have the widest shooting range, no matter which direction the deer comes from, or where it is in the area.

Once you’ve narrowed these spots down, set up your trail camera for a week or so at each location to find out which one gets the most traffic.

Setting Up a Trail Camera

You may want to bring some pruners in case you need to cut away any small brush. A machete might also help you get to the tree trunk you want to mount your trail camera on. Point the camera in the direction that will give it the widest view. If you scout out the area and know what the signs of deer activity look like, point it in the direction of any signs you find.

Set the camera up on a tree at about waist height. This will help you avoid getting pictures of smaller animals. Attach the trail camera to the tree with tarp straps or bungee cords. Use straps and cords with a neutral or camouflaged color to avoid arousing the suspicion of the deer.

Make sure you spray down the camera and surrounding area heavily with a cover-scent. This will make sure the deer aren’t spooked off by your scent.

You can also use a cable lock and security box to help prevent anyone from stealing your trail camera.

After you collect your pictures from all the possible locations for your stand, take a look at them and see which spot has the most deer traffic. That’s the spot you want to set up your tree stand.

For tips on picking the right tree stand for you and attracting deer to your spot, check out our blog.


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