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The Best Place to Set Up Your Turkey Blind

Learn how to set up your turkey blind with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Whether you’re hunting with a bow or a shotgun, a hunting blind can give you an edge while turkey hunting. Knowing where to set up your turkey blind is just as crucial as any other part of turkey hunting. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the best place to set up your turkey blind.

The Best Place to Set Up Your Turkey Blind
When you’re turkey hunting, knowing where to put your turkey blind is just as important as your decoy setup and turkey calls. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help you find the best place to set up your turkey blind.

Find the Right Turkey Blind

The first step is to find the right type of hunting blind. For turkey and deer hunting, a pop up blind or a box blind works best. A pop up blind can be as easy as a single camouflage screen. A box blind is a great option if you’re hunting with another person or two. They have plenty of room to move around and store any of your hunting gear. Read through our hunting blinds article for more tips on choosing the right blind.

Scout Your Location

It’s important to scout your location when you’re setting up a turkey blind. While your blind might blend in nicely, you also need to be near where the turkeys roost and feed. This is especially important if you plan on setting up decoys. You don’t want to set up your turkey blind deep in the woods where the live turkeys won’t see the decoys or hear the turkey calls. Before the hunting season begins, start tracking the turkeys. It’s a good idea to use a notebook or GPS to track the area.

Roosting Spots

Part of scouting is also knowing the behaviors of the turkey you’re hunting. Look for areas where the turkeys roost at the beginning of the day. Listen and watch for the turkeys to fly down from the trees–they’re quite loud–and observe where they roost. From there, they will most likely venture to their feeding area.

Feeding Spots

The feeding area is a great spot for turkey hunting. Turkeys typically feed in open areas like fields or pastures. Set up your blind on the edge of the field, so it’s still concealed by surrounding woods and foliage. You need the blind to be hidden, but also enough open area to set up decoys and have a clear shooting range.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand that having the right hunting gear can make all the difference. That’s why we carry everything you need for turkey hunting. You can even get your hunting license right at your local store. For more tips on turkey hunting, deer hunting and more, visit our Hunting blog.


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