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Hunting Tree Stand Placement Tips

Take your hunting game to the next level with the right hunting tree stand placement.

Deer hunting in a tree stand can help you increase your chances of bagging big game. When you’re up in a hunting tree stand, the amount of your scent near the ground decreases. You’re also out of the deer’s regular line of sight. You can also see more of the terrain around you, compared to being in a ground blind. Once you’ve chosen the right hunting tree stand, it’s time to pick a spot to hang it. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn where to hang your hunting tree stand to elevate your hunting game.

Go off the beaten path

Where to Hang Your Hunting Tree Stand
Find the best place to hang your hunting tree stand with help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

While most hunters stay on the main trails, try looking for secondary trails. Also look for signs of deer on those trails: hoof prints in soft mud, prints under fallen leaves or broken twigs. Get adventurous and look in the thicker terrain.

Look for food and water sources

Obviously, deer need to eat and drink, so their food and water sources can be a great place to set up your hunting tree stand. Corn, alfalfa and clover fields are all prime eating spots. Look for a quiet, distant corner and find a sturdy tree in that corner of the field. Set up your stand just inside the woods.

Small ponds, streams and water holes are all great places to hang your tree stand if you’re doing some mid-day hunting. Look around the muddy edges of the water for deer prints. If you find prints, set up your tree stand near that section.

Know the wind conditions

No matter how many scent elimination products you use, or how high up you put your tree stand, the direction of the wind can bring your scent straight to the deer. When you’re planning your stand placement, consider the way the wind is blowing. It’s best to hang your tree stand downwind of the deer’s expected path.

Once you’ve considered all the different variables, you’ll need to choose a tree to hang your tree stand in. For more tips on bagging big game, visit our hunting blog.


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