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6 Things to Pay Attention to in Gun Safe Reviews

Learn what to look for when you’re researching gun safe reviews.

When you’re shopping for a gun safe, there are a few factors to keep in mind as you’re looking at gun safe reviews. Safely storing your guns will help protect you, your family and others. When you’re not out hunting, it’s important to keep your rifles and shotguns in a secure place, where they won’t get into the wrong hands. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the best gun safe for your needs.

6 Things to Pay Attention to in Gun Safe Reviews
There are six main things to pay attention to when looking at gun safe reviews.

1. Size and Capacity

When you’re looking at gun safe reviews, you need to keep the size in mind. While the manufacturers will tell you how many guns will fit in the gun safe, you have to think about your specific guns you’ll be storing. The number from the manufacturer (such as 8, 12 or 24 guns) is based on smaller, slender rifles or field shotguns. Take into consideration if you have a bolt-action rifle, AR-based guns, or have scopes, slings, shell carriers, etc. Also think about if you plan on storing ammo in the safe.

When you’re looking at the interior capacity of a gun safe, the bigger the better. The best gun safes can be a lifetime investment, so you might as well make sure you have enough room for the hunting equipment you have now, and anything you plan on buying in the future.

2. Lock System

Gun safes typically come with either a dial lock or an electronic lock. Both have their pros and cons. Dial locks are durable and dependable. However, the only problem is if you forget to re-lock the safe. After you close the safe, the handle only locks the bolts, but not the dial. You have to remember to spin the dial every time you close the gun safe.

Electronic locks are fast to work with and you can set your own combination. On the other hand, with everything electronic, there is the possibility of failure. The internal wiring can wear out over time.

3. Bolt Layout

It’s important to pay attention to the amount of bolts in the gun safe. Essentially, you want at least two bolts on each side of the safe. The bolts should be made from hardened steel, and can be dead or live bolts. The more bolts, the more secure your safe will be. Of course, more bolts also mean more money.

4. Gun Safe vs. Gun Cabinet

When you’re shopping around and looking at gun safe reviews, you’ll also see gun cabinets. While there isn’t a defined difference between the two, there are some traits that can set them apart. Typically, a gun cabinet is meant more or less to display your guns, while secured in a cabinet. There are some cabinets without a glass or see-through door as well. Gun safes, on the other hand, are more secure and will do a better job of keeping out thieves. Plus, they’re typically fire-resistant, while cabinets are not.

5. External vs. Internal Hinges

As you look at gun safe reviews, you’ll see people comparing external and internal hinges. Some claim that internal hinges are more secure. In reality, as long as the safe has a decent bolt and lock system, the door will stay in place even if someone cuts through the hinges. External hinges let the door open wider — a complete 180 degrees — which makes it easier for you to access everything inside the safe. Plus, external hinges mean you can take off the door, which makes transport and repair much easier than with a safe that has internal hinges.

6. Fire Protection

You’ve invested a lot of money in your guns, so keeping them safe from a house fire is a must. The average house fire heats up around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The best gun safes will have an ETL verified rating stating that the safe will hold up to at least 1,200 degrees for up to 30 minutes.


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