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Women’s Hunting Clothes: 5 Must-Have Pieces

Find all your women’s hunting clothes must-haves at Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

While men make up the majority of hunters in America, more and more women are joining the hunt. There’s plenty of men’s hunting clothes available, but brands are now making women’s hunting clothes, too. Women’s hunting clothes are made for a better fit while still providing durability and key features like warmth, comfort and coverage. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we offer all the must-haves you need when it comes to women’s hunting clothes.

1. Hunting Hat

Women's Hunting Clothes 5 Must Have Pieces
At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find all the must-have women’s hunting clothes to bag big game.

Keeping your head warm and dry is crucial when you’re out in the woods. Many hunting hats are lined with fleece to keep your head warm, while the outside is water repellent to wick away moisture. Some women’s hunting hats even have a ponytail slot if you have long hair.

2. Hunting Jacket

While women’s camo clothing in general is great for hunting, you’ll need a durable hunting jacket for an outer layer. You can opt for camo, paired with a blaze orange safety vest. Wearing a safety vest with camo will give you a good amount of coverage while still staying visible to other hunters. Different states have different amounts of required blaze orange that needs to be worn for all types hunting. It’s best to check with your local DNR for blaze orange requirements.

3. Hunting Pants

Whether you go with bib overalls or regular hunting pants, you’ll need more than just jeans to go hunting. Hunting pants provide insulation and waterproof protection. They can also offer scent-control, which is crucial when you’re hunting. Wearing a moisture-wicking base layer underneath your hunting pants can keep you warm and dry.

4. Hunting Gloves

Hunting gloves are especially important as the weather gets colder. You can keep your hands extra warm with disposable hand warmers. Hunting gloves typically come with features like grip palms, to help prevent slipping, and a spandex trigger finger.

5. Hunting Boots

Women’s hunting boots are durable and made for comfort in even the toughest terrain. When you’re shopping for hunting boots, you want ones that are insulated and waterproof. Hunting boot technology has improved, with thin insulation replacing the bulky stuff of the past. Waterproofing will keep water out and keep your feet dry. This is great for dewy mornings or if you’re walking through mud or marshy conditions. Men’s hunting boots can work just as well; just remember to size down by two sizes (for example, a men’s size 11 is equal to a women’s size 9).

Ultimately, it comes down to wearing what makes you comfortable and what will up your chances of bagging big game. Whether you need men’s hunting clothes, women’s hunting clothes or even clothes for the little hunter in your life, you’ll find it all for a genuine value at Blain’s Farm & Fleet.


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