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Hunting Clothes Buyer’s Guide

Find all your hunting clothes for deer hunting, turkey hunting and more at Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

The biggest part of hunting season is coming up sooner than you think. Having the right hunting clothes will help you stay hidden from your target. It will also keep you warm, dry and comfortable on a long day of hunting. Knowing which kind of hunting clothing you’ll need can be tricky, but Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help. So get ready to get suited up in blaze orange and camouflage, and start hunting.

Blaze Orange

Hunting Clothes Buyer's Guide
Stalk your game in the best hunting clothes from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Know what hunting clothes are essential for a successful hunt.

Blaze orange is worn to make yourself seen by other hunters. This is especially important during rifle hunting season. Deer see blaze orange as a dull color, so it won’t alert them. It’s meant for your safety. Depending on where you’re hunting and what type of hunting you’re doing, placement and the amount of blaze orange you need to wear will vary.

Most of the time, a blaze orange hat or vest will do the trick. You can also opt for a blaze orange and black camo pattern combination. The black camouflage won’t make the orange stand out as a block of solid color. To be safe, check with your state’s blaze orange requirements.


There are many kinds of camouflage patterns available. If you’re wearing camouflage, you want to pick a pattern that blends into your surroundings. Research the area you’ll be hunting in, or even take a test run through the area. Always pair camouflage with blaze orange. You may not want your target game to see you, but you definitely want to be visible to other hunters. Safety should be your number one priority while hunting.

Choosing Your Hunting Clothes

When you’re choosing your hunting clothes, dress for safety, but also comfort. As the weather gets colder in the hunting season, layer up with thermal underwear. Also wear moisture-wicking clothing to keep your body dry and warm. Cotton clothing will dry slowly and gather sweat, making for an uncomfortable day of hunting. You’ll also want fabric that isn’t noisy; there’s nothing worse than spooking a deer by loudly brushing up against vegetation.

Hunting Jackets – Once you have a base layer, you’ll need a hunting jacket. You’ll want a waterproof outer layer to keep your base layer dry, and keep you warm.

Hunting Pants – Hunting pants are typically insulated and also meant to conceal you from prey.

Hunting Bibs & Coveralls – In the colder months, you can add an extra layer with hunting bibs and coveralls.

Hunting Boots – Opt for hunting boots made of rubber or waterproof material. You never know if you’ll be trudging through wet or muddy terrain. For extra warmth and comfort, wear hunting socks with the boots.

Use laundry detergent that is specific to hunting clothing. Deer see color differently than we do, and some laundry detergents can actually change the way the deer see clothing’s colors. You may think you’re blending in, when in reality you’re glowing in the deer’s eyes. Scent elimination is a must when hunting. Once the scent is eliminated from your clothing, you can start working on attracting deer and turkeys.

For more how-to’s and tips for bagging big game, visit our hunting blog.


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