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Deer Hunting Tips

A successful and comfortable deer hunt requires proper preparation and planning that can start months before the deer hunting season even begins. We have some deer hunting tips that will help you get off to a great start.

Finding and Attracting Deer

Setting up and using a trail camera is one great way to prepare for a hunt. Deer will mainly stay within a two mile radius, especially while they rut. Setting up a trail camera a few months before deer hunting season begins is a great way to know where the deer are and what kind of deer you can expect to find in the land you are hunting. Check the camera weekly and move it often until you begin to see the kind of images you are looking for. Once you know where the deer are, you’ll know where you should focus your hunt.

Deer hunting
Before you leave for your deer hunting trip, here are a few tips on attracting deer and keeping warm while you hunt.

A deer food plot is another great way to feed the deer in your hunting area. Plant a feed plot the spring before a hunt in an area near where you will set up your tree stand. The deer will come and enjoy the greens over the summer and stay in the area in the fall when hunting season rolls around. This is a great way to attract deer to the area before deer hunting season before it begins.

Clothing Protection During Deer Hunting

The ability to stop sweating is one of the most important factors to control in the woods on the day of a hunt for two reasons, warmth and the scent it produces. If you break a sweat at any time during a hunt, once it is cooled, your body will become colder much faster. This may cause you to be so uncomfortable that you head inside early and possibly miss your chance. Also, the more you sweat, the stronger the scent your body will produce allowing the deer to be more aware of your presence in the woods.

Although it is impossible to eliminate sweating and the human scent from your body, there are a few suggestions to help control it. First, consider buying deer hunting clothing that is water resistant and breathable. Blain’s Farm & Fleet carries women’s hunting clothes and youth hunting clothes, for the whole family. If you are serious about hunting, you may want to consider investing in special clothing that is made to block scent. There is now specific hunting apparel and accessories that help mask or eliminate scent. It is made with antimicrobial technology that aids in odor control. Also be sure keep all your hunting apparel separate from any other clothes in the off season to prevent scents transferring.

Next, dress in layers before you head out. When you are walking to your stand, dress light and carry extra clothing that will keep you warm in a scent lock bag. A scent lock bag will keep your warmer top layer clothes sweat and scent free. You may also want to consider bringing extra clothing deer hunting. Be sure to allow enough time to be able to walk slowly to your stand and for breaks when you become tired. This will help prevent sweating, fatigue and scaring the wildlife away with loud rustling.

Hand and foot warmers are also great, economical ways to keep warm once you are to your stand. Be sure to hold off on using them until you actually start feeling cold. Using them before that point may actually cause you to sweat more, especially if you are going to be exerting yourself walking to and climbing up your deer hunting stand.

The most important thing about deer hunting is comfort. If you are comfortable, you are more likely to sit in your stand longer and move around less. The quieter you are, and longer you sit, the greater the chances are of seeing and bagging your prey.


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