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Clothing: Get the Best Material

clothing fabric
Choosing garments with the right clothing fabric makes all the difference. You’ll be more comfortable and your clothes will last longer.

Some of us never look at the labels on our clothing, but we should. The material that a piece of clothing is made of may be the most important thing about it. Knowing what different clothing fabrics do better than others can help you decide which garment to buy next time you shop. There are a few things you should know about the main kinds of clothing fabrics and what they do best.

Crease-resistant Clothing

Some fabric types resist creasing and wrinkling better than others. This is especially useful if you’re traveling, and have to pack your clothes into a suitcase. Synthetic, shiny fabrics like polyester and spandex do this very well. So do silk and satin. As a general rule, a shiny clothing fabric will not wrinkle or crease as easily as a non-shiny one.

Durable Clothing

Workwear needs to be durable. That’s why it’s usually made of a cotton and polyester blend. Polyester is very strong, and cotton is more breathable. If you work in the automotive industry, make sure your work clothing is made of a clothing fabric blend that’s high in polyester, since it’s one of the materials that is acid-proof. This will prevent holes from battery acid.

Also, if you work near fire, you may want to get clothing made of flame-retardant fabric. If you do, look for fabric that’s inherently flame-resistant. These are fabrics whose fibers are made of material that doesn’t burn. There are fabrics available that have been treated with flame retardant chemicals, but the chemicals can wear or wash off over time. Clothes that are inherently flame resistant usually claim a “flame-resistant (FR)” knit or weave. Flame-resistant clothes are great for welding or brush burning.

Breathable Clothing

Breathability is very important in all types of clothing, but especially in outdoor clothes. Cotton is a common clothing fabric that’s very breathable. For warm weather, look for clothes that are 100% cotton to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. Most athletic clothing is made from cotton blended with other fabrics for stretch and strength.

Clothes for All Jobs and Occasions

The main thing to look for when you’re looking at different clothes is to fit them to the activity you plan to do in them.

For instance, if you spend a lot of time fishing or boating, look for clothes made of waterproof fabric. If you’re just looking for something to keep you dry when you walk or stand in the rain, an inexpensive, coated water-proof garment is fine. But if you’re biking, running, or doing another strenuous activity in the rain, you’ll want clothes with a membrane like Gortex. This will make the clothes waterproof and very breathable.

Whether you need leather gear for a trip on the bike, sportswear for a family camping adventure, or just some new clothes for the kids, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has all the clothing you need from top brands.


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