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Carhartt Flame-Resistant Clothing - Extreme Work Calls For Extremely Tough Gear

Carhartt and Blain's Farm & Fleet understand that you not only work hard, but that you face some extreme working conditions. Protect yourself with Carhartt flame-resistant clothing and workwear from Blain's Farm & Fleet. We've got your back.

Carhartt Flame-Resistant Pants Carhartt Flame-Resistant Pants
The only thing more durable than a pair of Carhartt jeans or work pants is a pair of flame-resistant ones. Whether you're burning brush, or throwing sparks in the workshop, Carhartt will help you get the job done.
Carhartt Flame-Resistant Jackets and Bibs Carhartt Flame-Resistant Jackets and Bibs
When you're working with fire or sparks, you don't want to take risks. You need durable protection to keep you safe. A Carhartt flame-resistant jacket is just what you need.
Carhartt Flame-Resistant Shirts Carhartt Flame-Resistant Shirts
Sparks fly when you work hard. Stay safe and avoid accidents with a Carhartt flame-resistant shirt. It never hurts to be prepared.
Guide to Flame-Resistant Clothing Guide to Flame-Resistant Clothing
It’s not just firefighters who need flame resistant clothing. It’s actually worn for a variety of jobs. The clothing’s material has the ability to self-extinguish. Flame resistant clothing can make the difference between safety and injury.

Carhartt Hi-Visibility Workwear

When you're working near a busy roadway, you need to make sure you are visible to drivers. You also need your hi-visibility workwear to hold up to 12 hour days and all sorts of weather. Carhartt and Blain's Farm & Fleet have teamed up to bring you just that - hi-visibility workwear that works just as hard as you do.

Carhartt Hi-Visibility Shirts Carhartt Hi-Visibility Shirts
Rain or shine, hot or cold, you need to be visible to stay safe on the road. Carhartt offers hi-visibility shirts of all kinds - and they're all right here.
Carhartt Hi-Visibility Coats and Jackets Carhartt Hi-Visibility Coats and Jackets
Sometimes, it's not enough to just make yourself visible. Safety also includes beating the elements and a harsh work environment. For that, you'll need workwear that's Carhartt-tough.
All Carhartt Hi-Visibility Workwear All Carhartt Hi-Visibility Workwear
From coats and jackets to T-shirts and hats, Carhartt is committed to delivering tough, dependable hi-visibility workwear to keep you safe on the job. Carhartt and Blain's Farm & Fleet have you covered.
ANSI Standards for Hi-Vis Clothes ANSI Standards for Hi-Vis Clothes
High visibility clothing is broken up into three classes. In 2011, the American National Standards Institute passed a revised version of the ANSI/ISEA 107 Standard for High Visibility Public Safety Apparel and Headwear. Learn more from our blog.

Carhartt Flame-Resistant and Hi-Vis Lines - Comfort In Extreme Conditions

Carhartt Flame-Resistant and Hi-Visibility Lines at Blain's Farm & Fleet

You work hard, and you work in some dangerous and extreme conditions. We get that. That's why Carhartt and Blain's Farm & Fleet have teamed up to bring you some of the best Flame-Resistant and High-Visibility clothing at fair and honest prices. We want you to stay safe while you're out there working to keep this country going. We know that it was hardworking, risk-taking people like you that built America, and we're proud to be able to do something to help you keep it great. Whether you're throwing sparks in the workshop or working traffic construction, keeping you safe and comfortable is our top priority. So get out there and outwork them all.


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