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Filtering Maple Syrup

Maple syruping, is a fun hobby that can be done with the whole family. After you’ve collected the sap and have processed the sap into syrup, your next step is filtering maple syrup before bottling it. Learn how easy filtering maple syrup can be and what steps to take.

Why Filtering Maple Syrup?

Filtering maple syrup, is an important process that improves the taste, clarity and color. After the sap from the maple tree has been boiled, the natural minerals harden into niter or sugar sand. Filtering maple syrup allows you to remove the sugar sand.

Filtering Maple Syrup

Filtering Maple Syrup after evaporation
Filtering maple syrup removes sediment called sugar sand and helps to improve the clarity and taste of your maple syrup. Learn about filtering maple syrup here!

The first thing you need to do when filtering maple syrup is to make sure that it is hot. It is best to filter after it has been drawn off the evaporator. It will be nearly impossible to filter once the syrup has begun to cool and thicken. Use a candy thermometer, if the syrup cools below 180°F, it will be too thick to be filtered and will need to be reheated. Maple syrup that has been heated above 200°F will release more sugar sand and will need to be re-filtered.

Use a paper type pre-filter before filtering through the main filter. This will expand the life of the main filter. There are specially made maple syrup filters, but you can also use cheesecloth, if you are only doing a small amount. It is also important to change out your filters after filtering two or three gallons of maple syrup. Don’t try to force the maple syrup through the filter as it will also force the sugar sand through as well. Maple syrup filters, if used with care, can be reused multiple times. Rinse out your filters with hot water and never use soap or detergents to clean them as the residue can alter the flavor of your maple syrup. Do not machine wash your filters either. Hand clean the filters and gently squeeze out any excess water.


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