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Maple Syrup Equipment Cleanup

When the maple syrup season is over, you will need to properly clean your maple syrup equipment.

Tapping trees to make maple syrup is a great way to make a natural sweetener. There are different kinds of trees that can be tapped to make syrup. Birch and black walnut trees can be tapped for maple syrup, along with maple trees.

We have taught you what you need to tap maple trees and how to do it. Once the trees have been tapped, you can test for maple syrup density. Of course, you will also want to know how to make maple syrup. There are many steps in the process of making maple syrup. One of the most important steps is cleaning the maple syrup equipment.

Cleaning up after a busy maple syrup season may sound daunting, but it’s really quite simple. We’ll give you the proper steps on how to clean your maple syrup equipment and make sure you’re ready for the next season.

Maple Syrup Equipment
At the end of the maple syruping season, proper cleanup is a must. Learn what you need to do to properly clean your maple syrup equipment and be ready for the next season.

Cleaning the Maple Syrup Evaporator

No matter what kind of evaporator pan you use, you will want to clean it when the season is over. Use a scrub brush and a nonabrasive cleaner to get rid of the residue left over from the sugar. Wear rubber gloves so syrup residue doesn’t stick to your hands. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the evaporator pans, as the cleaner could lessen the quality of the next batch. Take off the draw-off valves and let them soak in hot water to remove syrup coating.

You will also want to clean the underside of the evaporator pans, as soot gathers during the season. The material on the underside may also be corrosive, causing damage to the pan. Use a scrub brush, steel wool or scouring pad with a nonabrasive cleaner to get rid of the soot. Let the evaporator pan completely air dry before storing.

Cleaning the Other Maple Syrup Equipment

Hot water is the name of the game. Soak your spiles, tubing and filters with plenty of hot water to get of the sticky buildup from the syrup. Don’t use soap or cleaning detergent on this equipment. The residue left from these cleaning agents can cause problems with the next season’s flavors. You may have to let some of the equipment air dry to ensure they’re truly dry, inside and out. Once all of your equipment is dry, store it in a dry place. For extra protection from moisture, store the maple syrup equipment in a sealed storage container.

Sealing the Tap Holes

Maple sugarers have different methods when it comes to dealing with the trees at the end of the season. Some of them seal up the holes because of the risk of insects and bacteria infecting the tree through the holes. However, other maple sugarers rotate their tap holes around the tree. If you do plan on filling the tap hole, you can use tree repair putty or wood shavings and epoxy.


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