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Soil Health & Maple Trees

Learn about the common factors that can affect your maple tree soil health.

Your maple trees need the right kind of soil to grow. There are plenty of things you can do to improve the soil health of your maple trees. Use our guide to determine if you have the right soil to grow maple trees. There are four main factors you’ll have to take into account when you check your soil health.

Maple Tree Soil Health
In order for a maple tree to grow to its full potential, it needs healthy soil. Learn all about maple tree soil health with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Soil Type

Maple trees grow best in areas where the soil is moist, deep and well-drained. The soil’s texture should be fine to medium. Avoid planting your maple trees in dry, sandy or rocky soil. Maintaining soil health is the key to growing big, strong maple trees. Be sure to look up your USDA hardiness zone, to determine if maples will grow in your area.

2. Soil Moisture

Maple trees need moist soil. Some species of maple even thrive in very wet soil in damp forests and river flood plains. If you can’t plant your maple trees in a shaded, damp area, you’ll need to frequently water them to maintain tree and soil health.

3. Soil pH

Your soil’s acidity can greatly affect the growth of your maple trees. Sugar maples tend to grow in soil that ranks between 6 – 7.5 on the pH scale. This means the soil is in the slightly acidic to neutral range. You can test your soil pH with a soil pH tester. There are different options to raise or lower the pH of your soil. By lowering or raising the soil pH, you can improve soil health and help your maple trees grow.

4. Soil Fertilizer

Maple trees don’t always require fertilizer. If you choose to fertilize your maple trees’ soil, it’s important to use fertilizer meant for trees. The heavy amounts of nitrogen found in lawn fertilizer can actually burn out the soil. A mycorrhizal treatment is great for maple trees, as it promotes growth and soil health.

Once you know you have the best soil health, you can plant your maple trees. Caring for not only the maple trees by pruning, but also the soil, can help prevent maple tree diseases. A healthy maple tree will produce sap which you can make into homemade maple syrup.


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