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Do I Need A Trailer Brake Controller and Breakaway?

brake controller
If your trailer has electronic brakes, you need a brake controller and a breakaway kit.

If you’re towing a trailer, it’s vital that you have the right brake controller to make sure your trailer’s brakes are always working. Many brake controllers are also adjustable and can make towing and stopping your trailer much easier. This will help keep you and the other drivers on the road with you safe.

If you have a trailer with electronic brakes, the brakes won’t work without some kind of controller to send a signal from the truck to the trailer. So, if you have a trailer with electronic brakes, you need a brake controller.

Finding the right brake controller

Many manufacturers offer these as an option on their trucks, but you can also get an aftermarket brake controller. Most newer trucks have a plugin under the dash to install a brake controller. All you have to do is find one that’s compatible with your truck, and it will plug into the plugin and give you brake signal to the trailer plugin at your back bumper.

Depending on how heavy your trailer is, and how many brakes it has, you will need a different brake controller. If you have more than one trailer, you may need more than one different brake controller.

Most aftermarket brake controllers can control up to six brakes, and you can never have overkill with a brake controller. It’s better to have the ability to control more brakes than you need right now, because you never know how many brakes will be on your next trailer.

It’s best to get an adjustable brake controller that allows you to control how fast the trailer brakes apply when you press your brake pedal. With an adjustable brake controller, you can tailor your trailer’s braking to fit the way you drive.

However, there is one more thing you need to install on your truck to make your brakes as safe as possible.

Trailer breakaway kits

Trailer breakaways can easily kill drivers in oncoming traffic if the trailer drifts into their lane. No one plans for their trailer to break loose while they’re towing, but the wise know that it can happen to anyone, even the best and most experienced towing expert. The wise are as prepared for that emergency as they can be. They have a breakaway kit.

A breakaway kit uses a battery-powered box that connects to your trailer’s brakes to apply the trailer’s brakes if the trailer breaks away from your truck. The box has a cable connected to the tow vehicle that pulls a pin on the box if the trailer breaks away, which triggers the trailer’s brakes. This will protect other drivers and your trailer.


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