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What are Bullet Connectors?

bullet connectors
Bullet connectors are handy for wiring projects where the unit may have to be moved often, or where the space for hooking up and unhooking the wires is tight.

Bullet connectors (or “banana plugs”) give you solid and quick electrical connections.

Bullet connectors have two parts: a bullet-shaped male end, and a socket-shaped female end. They are usually used in automotive wiring to make simple connections that snap together easily and hold tight. A lot of music lovers and sound system contractors use them to connect speaker wires to speakers. The advantages of bullet connectors are that they allow you to make a solid, reliable connection, but you can still disconnect and reconnect them easily if you use them on equipment that gets moved around often. They’re also easier to hook up than some other connections when you don’t have much room to work.

This makes them a favorite of car audio and home theater buffs, who often swap out equipment in their systems. They’re also often pressed for space. For example, imagine that you have a home theater in your living room, and another one in your basement. You get new speakers in your living room, and want to move the old speakers down to the basement to replace the weak ones you have there now. If you used bullet connectors to hook your speakers up to your amp or media player, you can just pop them out and move the speakers. If you wired them the usual way, you’ll have to unscrew the speaker posts to release the wires. This can be hard to do in tight spaces.

Maybe you’re wiring a car stereo. Space gets tight when you install speakers in the trunk of a car. If you’re ever installed a subwoofer, you know that it’s hard enough to do without having to reach all the way to the back of the trunk to make sure you have a good connection. It takes time and is hard on your back and shoulders. Bullet connectors take a lot of the struggle out of hooking up a sub or speaker in your trunk.

You can also use bullet connectors to wire solar panels and lights. This is great for when you only use the panels during certain seasons. If you use solar power to run your pond pump, bullet connectors can make it a lot easier to unhook your solar panels for winter storage.

There’s only one real drawback to using bullet connectors. Modifying wires to attach them requires soldering, and isn’t for everyone. But if you’re a skilled DIY’er who knows their way around a soldering iron and a reel of solder, you can handle it and save yourself headaches down the road.


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