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What is Star Tron?

Star Tron works well to stabilize fuel and clean the fuel system in classic cars.
Star Tron works well to stabilize fuel and clean the fuel system in classic cars.

Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment is an additive that cleans your fuel system and engine. Star Tron has a lot of uses. It serves as a fuel stabilizer, fuel system cleaner, diesel additive, ethanol treatment, and gas treatment. Many mechanics recommend that you use it as a regular part of your vehicle and power equipment maintenance.

Use Star Tron in Your Collector Car

Star Tron is a fuel system cleaner and fuel stabilizer in one. It’s great for use in collector cars that can’t run efficiently on 10% ethanol fuels and need to be stored for months at a time in colder climates. It works very well for winterizing the fuel system on a car that is only driven during the summer. Star Tron can help improve gas mileage and make most rough-running engines run smoother. It improves the all-around performance of your engine by keeping your fuel system clean. Star Tron also gets rid of soot and exhaust stains. Use Star Tron to treat your gas with every fill-up during the summer, and before you put your car away in storage for the winter.

Use Star Tron in Diesel Engines

Diesel engines work best when you add diesel fuel additives to your fuel. These additives can reduce emissions, clean fuel systems, increase fuel economy, stabilize fuel for storage, and prevent gelling in cold weather. Star Tron does all of these things. It’s specially formulated to be your go-to diesel fuel additive. You should treat your diesel fuel with Star Tron at every oil change during the warmer months, and every time you fill up your tank in the winter.

Star Tron Combats the Effects of Ethanol in Small Engines

You may have had a hard time getting your lawn mower or chain saw to start, only to be told by a mechanic that you were using the wrong fuel in it. Small engines like the ones in outdoor power equipment are not designed to run fuel with ethanol in it. Because most small engines have a carburetor, they experience problems burning non-gasoline fuels. Even if you run gas with 10% ethanol, it can cause your small engine’s carburetor to become clogged with residue. This makes the unit start hard and run rough. It can even keep your engine from starting at all. Since ethanol-free gas is becoming harder and harder to find, you may want to use an additive like Star Tron to make 10% ethanol fuels safe to run in your small engine. Star Tron will not allow ethanol to gel and build up in your carburetor. It will clean your engine’s fuel system in the process, too.


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