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How to Find the Best Auto Repair Shop

Use our tips to find the best auto repair shop for your vehicle.

When your vehicle is in need of auto repair, you want the best auto repair shop for the job. With tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the best auto repair shop and get back on the road. Look for the following three things.

How to Find the Best Auto Repair Shop
At Blains’ Farm & Fleet, we understand you want the best repair service for your vehicle. Use our tips to find the best auto repair shop near you.

1. Look for ASE certification

Automotive Service Excellence, ASE, is practically the gold standard when it comes to ranking auto repair shops. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we give our auto techs the tools and skills they need to gain their ASE certification. To gain an ASE certification, auto techs must have two years of on the job training or one year on the job with a two-year degree in auto repair. They must also pass a certification exam. Through training courses, on the job training and more, we ensure our ASE certified auto technicians can give you the best service.

2. Look for a Variety of Services

When you find an ASE certified auto repair shop, you should also make sure they offer a variety of services. Depending on your vehicle, some shops might not offer all the services you potentially need. It’s important to research what auto repair services are offered before you need to actually have your vehicle serviced. That way, you’re not making a rushed decision.

3. Look for a Knowledgeable Staff

If the technicians and manager are ASE certified, you know they’re at least knowledgeable in auto repair. However, the right staff will also be helpful and friendly. It’s important that they can take the time to answer any questions you might have, and help you have the best service experience possible. You can ask fellow customers about their experience there. You can also look at reviews online or even contact the Better Business Bureau about the shop’s reputation.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand maintaining your vehicle can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why we offer auto and tire repair services to get you back on the road. Not only do we help our technicians become ASE certified, we give them the tools they need to perform a variety of auto repair services. Whether you need tire repair, you want to shop discount tires or need auto repair, Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here for you. Find your local store of call 1-800-365-9936 to schedule an appointment.


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