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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New Car Tires

Don’t let cheap tires ruin your ride; get the most out of your new tires with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Buying new tires is a big investment, but they’re worth it. You’ll have a safer and smoother ride, especially if you were riding on cheap tires. Of course, you want to get the most out of those new tires. That’s where Blain’s Farm & Fleet comes in. With our four tips, you can get the most out of your new tires.

Get the most out of cheap tires
Cheap tires aren’t built to last. Get the most out of your tires with these four tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Maintain Correct Tire Pressure

Tire pressure affects gas mileage, ride quality, tread life and more for your vehicle. Regularly checking and maintaining the right tire pressure is vital for your car. You can even check your own tire pressure with a simple tire pressure gauge. It’s best to check your tire pressure every month, and especially before long trips or when you’ll be carrying a heavy load. Always check your tire pressure when the tires are cold, not right after they’ve been driven. Checking before you go to work is a good time. You can learn more about checking your tire pressure in our how-to article.

2. Get a Rotation When Needed

A regular tire rotation can elongate the lifespan of your tire’s tread. Your vehicle manufacturer may have a recommended time. Most vehicles should have their tires rotated every 5,000 – 7,000 miles. Not only will it help with even tread wear, but it will help your tires’ performance.

3. Maintain Proper Alignment

Your wheels should be aligned, making them square with the road and parallel with each other. Improper alignment can lead to premature or uneven tread wear. This means you’ll be replacing your tires before they actually should need to be replaced. A bad alignment can also lead to other problems with your vehicle. A wheel alignment should be done every time you get new tires, have steering or suspension components replaced, or if you’re noticing uneven tread wear on your tires.

4. Keep Good Balance

A proper tire balance will make sure weight is distributed evenly on each tire. When your tires are out of balance, they can wobble or shake, causing your car to vibrate. Unbalanced tires will also wear unevenly, causing you to prematurely replace your tires.

Now you can keep driving on those cheap tires, or head to your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet tire shop. You can even look for tires online with our tire lookup. Look for an ongoing tire sale, and find trusted brands like Goodyear, Yokohama and Cooper Tire. To get the most out of those new tires, you can get them balanced, aligned and rotated all at our automotive service center. Request a quote online or call 1-800-365-9936 to schedule an appointment.


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