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Running Boards, Nerf Bars, and Truck Steps

Running boards, nerf bars, and truck steps are extremely useful for full-size pickups. They can help you and your passengers get in and out of your truck much more easily by giving you a secure place to step. However, there are a lot of different options when you choose a set of running boards or nerf bars. To get the right ones for your truck, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Finding the right running boards, nerf bars, or truck steps

First, you need to know the year, make and model of your truck. Running boards, nerf bars, and truck steps are made to fit specific vehicles. If you get the wrong set, the bolts to attach them won’t line up with the holes in your truck’s frame.

Next, you need to know the body style of your truck. Is it a crew cab? Extended cab? Super cab? These style options all determine how long of running boards or truck steps you’ll need.

Finally, you need to know which color and style of step would work best for you. Each of the three different step styles will give your truck a different look and serve a slightly different purpose.

Running Boards

SUV running boards
Running boards give you easy access to your vehicle by providing a stable surface to step on as you get in and out.

Running boards are very popular because the step pad covers the entire length of the board. This means that you can step anywhere on the board. This comes in handy if you are using the board to give you a boost to grab something out of the front of your truck box. Running boards are the ideal step if you have a lot of people getting in and out of your truck. They are great for work and family vehicles. They also look more low-key than nerf bars or truck steps. These boards can be ordered in many different finishes, like stainless steel, black matte, and different plastic-coated styles. Blain’s Farm & Fleet can special order a variety of running boards for your truck. Simply contact the automotive department at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet store.

Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are long, metal tubes that mount to your truck’s frame and run along the side of the cab. They provide a place for you to step as you get in and out of your truck. Unlike running boards, nerf bars usually have step pads only right beneath the doors on your truck, making them only useful for getting in and out. They come in many of the same finishes as running boards, and look more aggressive.

Truck Steps

Truck steps are often much shorter than running boards and nerf bars. They are used to provide a step up at a specific area of your truck. You can mount them under your doors to help you get in and out, or you can mount them on the sides of your box to help you reach in without climbing into it. These are usually cheaper than running boards and nerf steps, but they give more limited access. Some truck steps are permanently mounted, while others can mount on your tire or tailgate to help you in and out of your box. Truck steps are not ideal if you have a lot of people getting in and out of your truck.


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