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Road Safety: Make Your Vehicle Safe and Visible

road safety
Communicate risks to other drivers and increase your vehicle’s visibility and safety with flags, signs, and lights.

Road safety should be at the forefront of every driver’s mind, but especially those who drive for a living. It’s particularly important to make sure that your work vehicle is visible to other drivers. This will help prevent injury to you and others, as well as prevent damage to company property. You can do this by installing reflectors, strobe lights, signs and flags on your car or truck. You can also take steps to make sure all of your vehicle’s standard lights work properly. Here are some products to make your work vehicle safe and visible on the road.

Road Safety Signs and Flags

Make your vehicle much more visible and warn drivers of risks by using signs and flags. Signs can warn others that your vehicle

Road Safety Reflectors

Reflectors are great for making your vehicle visible to other drivers at night. Since they reflect light back, they appear to light up when another vehicle points its headlights at yours. Reflectors are a great way to prevent fender benders and other accidents. Adding a long strip of reflective tape to the side of your vehicle or trailer can make it much easier for drivers to see your entire vehicle as you cross traffic at intersections. Reflectors are a cheap way to improve road safety while you are on the job.

Road Safety Lights

There are lots of different kinds of road safety lights you can install on your vehicle to make it more visible.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are a great way to alert the drivers around you to your presence. Because the strobe light turns in a full circle, drivers on all sides of you can see it. These lights are great for emergencies, or when your vehicle is stopped near an area with traffic coming from more than one direction. Strobe lights are usually portable and feature a magnetic base so they can be easily attached to a vehicle when needed.

Arrow Lights

Arrow lights allow you to direct traffic around your vehicle. These lights can typically be set to flash, blink, or crawl. They are very useful if you are directing traffic around a work site. Like strobe lights, these lights are portable and can attach anywhere on your vehicle with their magnetic base.

Trailer Lights

Drivers pulling trailers are required to have brake lights by law, but adding side lights to your trailer will allow drivers to see it better when you are crossing traffic. Trailer lights are great for long haul towing at night.

LED Emergency Flasher Lights

LED flashers are often used for the private vehicles of emergency workers who may have to respond to emergency calls when they are on the road. These allow you to turn your personal vehicle into an emergency vehicle. These can help you get to your call faster by clearing traffic. However, some LED flashers may be illegal to use unless you are an authorized emergency worker.

Light Maintenance

When you install your lights, be sure to seal the connectors with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion. Also, be sure to check your vehicle’s standard lights periodically. You can do this yourself by switching all of your lights on and off while you have a helper walk around the vehicle and confirm that they are all working.


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