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Canning Supplies Must Haves

Do you want to learn your grandma’s canning recipe for homemade strawberry jam? If you are new to canning it is important to have all of the right canning supplies before you begin. We here at Blain’s Farm & Fleet want to help you get started with our handy guide to canning.

A collection of canning supplies
Before you begin canning there are several accessories you will need first. Find out what canning supplies you need to have your first batch be a success.

Canning Supplies: Canning Rack

If you are planning on water bath canning, make sure that you have a canning rack.

Canning Supplies: Canning Funnels

A canning funnel assures that the transfer of your preserves from the canner into the mason jar goes smoothly. Because who wants to clean up more of a mess when things spill all over the jar and counter?  Use a canning funnel for neat and easy filling of regular or wide mouth canning jars.

Canning Supplies: Canning Jar Lifter, Jar Wrench & Kitchen Tongs

A canning jar lifter might be one of the most important canning accessories you will need for your home canning project. This handy canning tool helps to easily and safely place hot jars in the canner before processing and remove them afterward. A jar wrench helps to remove screw bands from jars that have become stuck in place over time. This is a great canning tool that many beginners don’t think to purchase.

Once you’ve gotten the canning jar band loosened, you need to remove the lid. A lid lifter does this with ease. Most have a magnetic end that helps remove tightly-sealed mason jar lids, where prying with fingers may be difficult.

Kitchen tongs provide safe handling of hot foods during preparation for canning. You may already have these lying around your kitchen, but having an extra set specifically for home canning is a good ideas.

Canning Supplies: Food Mills & Strainers

When it comes to pureeing food, a food mill and strainers in your kitchen are your best friend. It streamlines the process by peeling the skin and deseeding. Food mills are perfect for canning tomatoes. Throw in raw chunks of tomatoes and the food mill plates can peel and sift through tomatoes seeds, which would otherwise take hours to do. A must-have if you plan on making your own spaghetti sauce.

Canning Supplies: Digital Timer

A digital timer will help to accurately time your processing so you can be sure that each batch is processed to the time required for the recipe you are making.


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