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What is Tire Rotation?

Learn why tire rotation is important for regular tire maintenance.

Tire rotation is a vital part of tire maintenance. Rotating your tires helps with uniform tread wear with all four tires. When there’s uneven tread wear, you’ll most likely have to prematurely replace your tires. To put it simply, tire rotation will extend the life of your tires, thus saving you money.

What is Tire Rotation
Tire rotation is vital for your vehicle. It helps extend the life of your tires and ultimately save you money.

Why do tires need to be rotated?

Your front tires carry more weight than the back tires, and do more work. When you turn, the majority of the weight shifts to the outer edge of your front tires. The rear tires are simply following. Due to the extra strain and weight, the front tires wear out more quickly than the rear ones. This is why your tires need to be rotated.

How are tires rotated?

Tire rotation patterns can vary, depending on your vehicle and what kind of tires it has. Most vehicles have tire rotation done diagonally or right to left, front to back. On the other hand, directional tires can only be rotated from front to back, but have to stay on the same side of the vehicle. Some vehicles have different size tires in the front and back, which can only be rotated side to side. You may even find that the front and back tires have differing tire pressure requirements. All of the guidelines should be located in your owner’s manual. If you’re still unsure, you can always consult with one of our automotive technicians at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

When should I rotate my tires?

Your tires need to be rotated at least every 6,000 miles. You should also look into tire rotation if you notice signs of uneven tread wear. Uneven tread wear can also stem from misalignment, imbalance, or other problems, so check with an auto tech before simply rotating your tires.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand that safety is your top priority on the road. That’s why we offer a variety of tire services for your vehicle at our tire repair shop. With our low tire rotation cost, you can get your tires rotated for a genuine value. Plus, we carry top quality tire brands like Yokohama, Cooper Tire and Pirelli to give you the smoothest, most cost-efficient ride. You can use our online tire lookup feature to search by brand or tire size. Or, you can ask one of our tire repair shop associates about tire sizes, brands and even discount tires. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is your one-stop automotive and tire repair shop. Request a quote online or call 1-800-365-9936 to schedule an appointment.


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