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Proper Light Safety for a Plow Truck

Make sure your plow truck is fully equipped with the proper safety lights.

When you’ve decided to buy a plow truck, or add a snow plow onto your existing truck, proper lighting is crucial. Not only does it help light up the roadway so you can see better, but it also helps other drivers see your plow. Regular headlights won’t cut it when you’re using a plow truck. Making your vehicle visible is a must when snowplowing. Proper lighting, combined with a controls system, will give you everything you need to plow snow.


Proper Light Safety for a Plow Truck
When you live on rural roads or have a large driveway, you might have to do your own snowplowing. Equipped with the proper safety lights, you can make your plow truck ready for the road.

When you’re mounting headlights onto your plow truck, you need to make sure they’re above the plow blade. Your regular headlights can be blocked by the snowplow blade. When they’re properly installed, you will be able to see wider and further than with your ordinary headlights. Other drivers and pedestrians will also be able to easily see you.

If you can’t get your hands on an actual snowplow light kit, a 12-volt tractor light will work just as well.

Dual Burn Lights

Dual burn lights allow you to light up dark and rural roads when you’re plowing at night. With a dual burn system, you switch on your high beams and the plow headlights will also turn on. This gives you maximum visibility on the road.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are another thing to have when it comes to proper light safety. It makes your plow truck more visible for pedestrians and drivers. An amber strobe light will let others see you, and know that you’re working. Many states require amber warning/emergency lights for utility vehicles.

Beacon Lights

Beacon lights are single bulb lights that are attached to the roof of your plow truck’s cab. They’re generally used to get the attention of other vehicles and pedestrians. When used in conjunction with dual burn headlights, your vehicle will be quite visible from the front and back.

Roof Mount Warning Bar Lights

Bar lights are also mounted on the roof of your truck. Typically made with LED bulbs, the bright lights vastly increase visibility of your vehicle. They’re meant to withstand harsh weather conditions, perfect for heavy snowfall.

While you want to get the job done, staying safe on the road should be your number one priority. Proper lighting will help you maintain visibility when snow begins to drift and blow.


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