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Fishing Clothing Must-Haves

Be prepared from head to toe with our guide to fishing clothing must-haves.

No matter the time of year, having the right clothing is essential for a successful day of fishing. Wearing the right fishing clothing will not only help you stay comfortable, but can even help you catch more fish. Follow our guide of must-haves for any kind of fishing.

Summer Fishing Clothing

Fishing Clothing Must-Haves
Having the right clothes will help you have a better day of fishing. Find out what you must have for fishing clothing.

When you’re fishing in the hot summer, your main goal (besides reeling in a big one) should be staying cool. Start with sunscreen. There’s nothing worse that coming home from a day on the water with a painful sunburn. Look for sunscreen that’s waterproof and remember to reapply it every couple of hours.

Fishing hat – Whether you like wearing a bucket hat or a baseball cap, you’ll want to keep your head covered. A booney hat will help protect your neck and ears, as well as your face. You can also keep cool by wearing a cooling headband. It absorbs sweat and helps cool your head.

Sunglasses – The sun reflects off the water, so you’ll want a pair of good sunglasses. There are all kinds of styles to choose from. Most prefer a sporty style that’s lightweight and provides full eye coverage.

Base layer – When the weather gets hot, it’s good to have a moisture-wicking base layer. The material will wick sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable on the boat.

Shirt – Wear a lightweight fabric that’s also light in color. Look for material that is stain-resistant, to stop any fish guts or blood from staining your shirt. Shirts made from nylon dry quickly and are great if you get wet on the boat. Shirts with a vented back are also something to look for.

Fishing vest – Keep your tackle easily accessible with a fishing vest. Look for one that’s lightweight with plenty of pockets.

Shorts or pants – This choice comes down to comfort. Whichever you choose, look for moisture-wicking material. Rip-stop nylon shorts dry quickly and are comfortable. It’s also a good idea to opt for cargo shorts if you don’t plan on wearing a fishing vest. You can keep stuff easily accessible in your pockets.

Shoes – If you’re going to be in the boat the whole time, it’s okay to wear sandals. Go with a cushioned, sturdy sandal that is slip-resistant. You can also look for quick-drying water shoes to keep your feet comfortable and protected.

Fly Fishing Clothing

If you plan on doing some fly fishing, you’ll need some additional fishing clothing.

Hip waders – Hip waders will keep you covered and dry in thigh-deep water. They’re not only good for fishing in shallow water, but you can wear them while launching or bringing in your boat.

Chest waders – Chest waders provide more coverage when you’re in the water. You’ll be able to wade out farther into the water to catch a big one. For more about hip and chest waders, read our comparison article.

You may also want to keep some rain gear handy. A breathable polypropylene rain suit keeps your body dry in wet conditions. You can also go with a poncho if you don’t want to be constricted by a rain suit. Whichever fishing clothing you choose, it’s important to stay comfortable to ensure a great day of fishing.


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