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16 Tackle Box Uses In Your Home

Fishermen love their tackle boxes. They’re great, easy to carry and everything is organized exactly in their place. Maybe fishing isn’t your thing but you do love being organized. Why not use a fisherman’s tackle box for so many other areas in your life for that purpose! We’ve come up with some great ways you can get organized with a tackle box today!

Tackle Box for The Artist

  • Are you the creative type? You don’t see a blank canvas, instead you see what you can make it become. Whether it is paints, colored pencils or chalks, whatever your medium, a fishing tackle box can be a great way to keep all of your art supplies organized.
  • Maybe your creative output isn’t painting or clay. Maybe instead you love to make your own jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, you name it! Now you’ll be able to organize your beads by color and keep all of your tools in one place.

Tackle Box for The Gardener

  • If you love being outside, getting your hands dirty in a flower bed, a large tackle box is a great way to carry and organize all of your gardening supplies. Keep your pruners and garden gloves together. You won’t lose your seed packets anymore with a perfect new place to keep them.

Tackle Box for Organization

  • Can’t find your favorite mascara or that brand new shade of lipstick you just bought? That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, when your foundation spills all over your make up or your eye shadow breaks. With a tackle box now you can keep your make up and cosmetics secure and in one place.
  • Don’t be the person in the office with the messy disorganized desk; it makes you look lazy and unprofessional. Keep all of your office supplies organized in an easy to store tackle box. From paper clips to post it notes, everything will be right where you need it to be. Your boss will surely be so impressed once he sees your newly organized desk that he may even want to put in you a corner office when the next big promotion comes around.

    Tackle Box with Art Supplies
    Tackle Boxes can be a great way of keeping your home and family organized.
  • Got a sweet tooth for delicious treats? If you love baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes them too for all of your friends and family, keeping your cake decoration supplies together in a tackle box is a great way to stay organized.
  • Everyone has the drawer or spot in the house, usually the kitchen, where everything seems to end up; extra keys, pieces of gum, a pen, maybe a pad of paper. Free up those valuable kitchen drawers by moving that junk into a tackle box. Your junk will be accessible and organized and your kitchen will stay clutter free.
  • Little curious fingers can get into anything. One place that you most certainly never want them to get into is any kind of hazardous materials or medication. Get a tackle box with a lockable clasp and keep it far away to keep your little one safe from preventable accidents.
  • For little accidents, keep your own first aid kit together in one place with an organized tackle box. Keep bandages, ointments and other home medical devices in one place that is easy to get to.
  • Love to make your own clothes or fun sewing crafts? Or maybe you just want to have a sewing kit for those fix it moments, a popped seam or a button that fell off. Everyone with a needle and thread needs an organized place to keep everything together. A tackle box is a great untapped resource for sewers. Organize all of your thread by color in the neat little boxes. Now you have a place to stash all of your thimbles and needles in one place!
  • Now that you’ve organized the rest of your home by following the tips above, it’s time to make some money by having a rummage sale from everything you decided you no longer wanted. Use a tackle box as a cash box to organize all of the money you’ve got coming in. Use different slots for each dollar denomination and spaces for coins, keeping you organized so you can give customers change quickly.
  • You need batteries for almost every part of your life: flashlights, television remotes, your child’s favorite toy. Keep your charged batteries together and organized by size all in one place with a tackle box. Keep them in a closet or cupboard so they’re right where you need them.
  • Don’t lose those little hardware pieces for your next DIY project around the house. Keep all of your nuts, bolts, washers, brads, fuses, brackets, nails, and screws all organized together. If you really want to be organized, have a separate tackle box for all of your nuts, one for all of your bolts and so forth. Label each box so you know exactly what’s inside each and every time.

Tackle Box for The Kids

  • Have a long car ride ahead of you this summer? Keep the kids happy and entertained with a tackle box for each child that’s filled with fun things to do. Put a little toy inside to surprise them, keep some snacks they’ll be sure to love. Crayons and markers can be stored inside and tons of fun things for your child to have to keep him occupied. When you reach your destination, have your child put everything back into the tackle box so the car doesn’t get messy. It will save you a lot of unneeded headaches.
  • Are you being invaded by little green army men? Your oval rug in the dining room has been turned into a race car track. Keep all of those little toys together and away when they’re not being played with in a tackle box. It’s a great way for your kids to stay organized with their toys. Each child could have their own box to keep all of their little knick knacks and favorite toys. Let your child personalize their box with stickers and other fun things to make it their very own.
  • Cold, rainy days and there’s nothing to do. You pull out the old game boards, get ready to sit at the kitchen table, you open up the box and half of the pieces are missing. Well now you can’t play the game very well if you don’t have the pieces to play it. Keep all of your game pieces together and store them in your gaming tackle box so they won’t get lost.

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