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Tips for Lake vs River Fishing

Use these tips for lake vs river fishing from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Fishing is a favorite sport and past time in the Midwest. Some anglers prefer to fish in a river while others prefer the wide opens spaces of a lake. Both are great for fishing and come with their own set of easy tips to follow. Read through these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet for lake and river fishing.

Tips for Lake vs River Fishing
Fishing and the Midwest go hand-in-hand. Follow these simple tips for lake and river fishing from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Tips for Lake Fishing

Lake fishing can be a peaceful, relaxing way to reel in a big one. While larger lakes can have rough waters, smaller lakes are generally calm and perfect for fishing. There are a few tips to follow if you’re new to lake fishing.

Pick the Right Bait – Learn about the fish in the body of water you plan on fishing. Choose the right bait for them and fresh water. Fishing jigs are always reliable in any lake.

Find the Right Spots – First, scope out any areas heavy with weeds. Large fish like northern pike and bass like to lurk in the weeds while they wait for their prey. Also use inlets and outlets to your advantage. These areas are a bit cooler and are a favorite among many species of fish.

Pay Attention to the Heat – As the temperature rises, the deeper parts of the lake will still remain cool. This is where the fish will retreat to to beat the heat. When the temperatures are lower–around dawn and dusk–fish will migrate closer to the shallow water.

Tips for River Fishing

Fishing in a river isn’t much different than fishing in a lake. The main difference is water movement. With a river, water is constantly flowing which can be potentially dangerous for anglers out on the water. Thankfully, most rivers have water locks or dams that control the flow of the water. These places also make great spots for fishing.

Use Live Bait – Using live bait and bouncing it along the bottom of the river looks realistic to any hungry fish. Bounce it with the current so it looks like it’s actually bait fish, and not bait hooked to your fishing gear.

Use the Backwaters – If you can, veer off the main channel and fish in the backwaters. Side channels, coves and bays are all ideal homes for largemouth bass. The slower currents are perfect for fishing, and you can meet back up with the main river downstream. Plus, this method is a great way to use your fishing kayak.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand that fishing in any body of water requires the right equipment. That’s why we carry everything you’ll need for success as an angler. Whether you’re fly fishing, ice fishing or just spending a summer day with a line in the water, you can find all your tackle, rods and reels at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Plus, you can get your fishing license right at your local store. Fore more tips and buying guides, visit our Fishing & Ice Fishing blog.


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