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Choosing Trout Fishing Lures

trout fishing lures
When you think of trout fishing, you usually think of a fly fisherman in hip waders. However, you can fish for trout with a spinner rod as well. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will help you choose the right trout fishing lures to fit your style.

There are a variety of ways to fish for trout. When most of us think of trout fishing, we picture a lone angler standing in a crystal clear mountain stream, masterfully swinging a fly fishing rod. But trout fishing doesn’t necessarily have to be fly fishing. Sure, fly fishing is the best way to fish shallow streams with a lot of pocket water and rocks, but trout also live in deeper streams where wading out isn’t really an option, and a fly doesn’t go deep enough. There’s a wide variety of trout fishing gear for using spinner rod techniques to fish deeper trout streams, but the key to these techniques is getting the right trout fishing lures and bait to draw the fish to your hook.

Trout Fishing Lures vs. Bait

While you can fish for trout with live bait, today’s trout fishing lures are much more effective. Many traditional fisherman still fish trout with live bait, but choosing the right lure to use with a spinner rod may be the most effective way to land the big ones in deeper streams. For shallow water, fly fishing is the preferred method for landing trout. For either technique, choosing the right lure or fly is crucial.

What to Look for In Trout Fishing Lures

Spinner rod trout fishing lures

A 1/8th- or 1/16th-ounce rooster tail lure with a lightweight spinner rod is preferred by most trout anglers who use the spinner method. The idea behind any lure is to mimic the actual wildlife of the stream. Rooster tails are meant to mimic the small fish and crayfish that swim in the stream. A jig lure with a grub tail is also an effective way to fish for trout with a spinner rod. When you shop for lures, look for ones that have natural-looking colors and patterns.

Fly rod trout fishing lures

Most shallow-water trout fisherman prefer dry flies, which skim along the surface of the water. Again, choose natural-looking colors and avoid flashy bright neon colors. Since they’re so small, find dry flies with a shiny tip or weight to get the attention of fish.

For slightly deeper, but still wade-able waters, nymphs work well. Nymphs are a class of fly bait that hang a bit below the surface of the water. Try to find one with a silvery or sparkly tip to get attention.

Another option are streamers, which are one of the largest types of fly bait. Use these for deeper streams where you still want to use a fly fishing technique. Since they are so large, finding streamers with natural colors is very important. If there are minnows in the stream, try to match your streamer as closely to their pattern and coloring as possible.

Keys To Choosing Trout Fishing Lures

Just keep in mind the depth of the water you’ll be fishing, and the type of rod you intend to use, and you can’t go wrong when you’re choosing trout fishing lures. The deeper the water, the larger and heavier the bait you’ll need. For water shallow enough to wade in, a fly rod and fly lures are your best bet.

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