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Tip Ups Buyer’s Guide

Learn about the different types of ice fishing tip ups with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Ice fishing is a great way to beat cabin fever in the winter, and get outside. There’s plenty of basic supplies that any ice fisher needs. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a tip up. Tip ups are devices that signal when a fish grabs on your line. A flag springs up (or tips up) when the fish hits. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the best tip ups for your next trip out on the ice.

tip ups buyers guide
When you’re out ice fishing, a tip up works great to let you know when the fish are biting. Learn about the different types of tip ups with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Windlass Tip Ups

With a windlass tip up, a small paddle catches the wind and bobs the bait up and down. Even in calm water, the tip up can jig the bait around to catch the attention of fish. They also fold up for easy storage, also making it easier to carry out to your ice fishing shelter or hole.

Pro-Thermal Tip Ups

Pro-thermal tip ups are innovative pieces of ice fishing equipment. A thickly insulated, round cover goes over the ice fishing hole. It keeps the hole from freezing over. It seals up, keeping snow and slush out of the hole. It also blocks out unnatural sunlight that can spook the fish. Plus, the small disk shape fits into a 5 gallon bucket, so you can you easily carry and store them. They also come with high visibility flags, so you’ll know when the fish are biting. A pro-thermal tip up is great for really cold or snowy days out on the ice.

Hardwood Tip Ups

A hardwood tip up is the most traditional option. The wood is heavy enough to stay anchored on the ice. A large, high-visibility flag will help you easily locate your rig, and see when a fish bites. Plus, the built-in crank handle with a large spool makes it easy to retrieve your fishing line.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

These are just some of the ice fishing tip ups available. Ultimately, you want a tip up that will work for you on the ice. Some fishermen swear by the cheapest wooden tip up, while others opt for the features that come with fancier ones, like the pro-thermal. Your tip up should have a stable base that keeps the whole tip up from blowing over. You also need to make sure it has a trip bar. With a trip bar, you can set the tip up for a light or heavy trip. With a light trip, you’re set for small fish or light bites. A heavy trip setting is used for larger fish. It’s also used to keep gusty winds from setting off a false flag.

Finally, research the ice fishing regulations for your state. Some states have regulations on how many lines a single angler can use. They also can regulate the hole size you drill into the ice.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find all the ice fishing equipment you need to reel in a big one. From ice fishing rods and reels to ice fishing clothes, you’ll be set for a day on the ice. For more tips on ice fishing, visit our fishing & ice fishing blog.


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