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Bait Beginner’s Guide

Learn about the different kinds of bait with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

If you’re a beginner fisherman, you’ll want to know about the different types of baits available.The different kinds of can be broken down into four categories: natural bait, lures, artificial flies and cut bait. Of course, there are thousands of colors and designs to choose from, all in different sizes. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can fill your tackle box and hit and the water.

Natural Bait

bait basics
There are different kinds of bait for all kinds of fishing. Learn about the four different types with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Natural bait can be dead or live bait. Leeches, minnows, and crayfish are all considered natural bait. When you fish with leeches, make sure to hook through the suction in the tail. Fish are attracted to leeches because of their swimming motion. Let the leeches adjust to the fishing area’s water temperature so they can naturally swim. Leeches are a great natural option because they can stay fresh in a refrigerator for several days.

Crayfish are another option. Depending on what kind of fish you want to catch, you can use the whole crayfish or just parts of it. Crayfish need to be stored in damp rags or a bait bucket.


Lures are a great alternative to natural bait. While they look like live bait, they are considered a lot easier to use. Lures are more portable, and can be easily stowed in your tackle box. Lures are also reusable, at least until a fish swims away with them. Of course, there are disadvantages to using lures. Most lures don’t come with the smell of live bait. This means you’ll have to trick the fish into thinking the lures are real. Some lures, such as leeches, come coated so they smell like the real thing.

Artificial Flies

Generally used in the sport of fly fishing, artificial flies can also be used in regular fishing. They’re meant to look like natural food sources for the fish. This consists of vegetation, small birds, and more. Artificial flies are made by tying together furs, thread, feathers and other material on a fish hook. There are a variety of flies to choose from. Different fish are attracted to different flies.

Cut Bait

Cut bait is actual pieces of fish. It’s cut up and used as bait because of its taste and smell. When you’re preparing cut bait, scale the fish and leave the skin on. This is best used for fish that are attracted to smell. Bottom feeders are mainly caught with this method. For freshwater fishing, catfish and carp are two common fish attracted to cut bait.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find everything you need for a day of fishing–no matter the season. When the ponds and lakes freeze over, you’ll be set with ice fishing equipment. For the warmer months, there are plenty of rods, reels and lures to choose from. For more tips on reeling in that prize fish, visit our Fishing & Ice Fishing blog.


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