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5 Tips for Kayak Fishing

Follow these five tips for kayak fishing from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Kayaking is a great way to get out on the water this summer. You can paddle around a tranquil lake or go on an adventure down a rushing river. Did you know you can actually fish out of your kayak, too? Some kayaks are even specifically made for anglers. Kayak fishing is a low-cost way to catch some of your favorite Midwestern species. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can start the fun of kayak fishing.

5 Tips for Kayak Fishing
Kayak fishing is a great way to get out on the water and reel in a big one. Learn more about the fun sport with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Learn How to Position Your Kayak

One of the biggest challenges is getting your kayak in the right position for fishing. It’s best to practice paddling with one hand while you hold the rod in your other hand. Many kayak fishers simply drift, using the current, so there’s minimal paddling involved. It’s easier to simply straighten out your kayak with one stroke on either side (depending on the direction you’re headed), instead of constantly paddling and trying to cast a line.

2. Talk to Local Fishermen

If you’re new to a fishing spot, it’s vital to know as much as possible about the area. Talk to local fishermen about weather conditions, the water, obstacles you may face, and the best places to fish. Not only will you have a better time catching fish, you’ll be safer, too.

3. Properly Handle Fish in Your Kayak

When you’re kayak fishing, releasing your catch is the best move. Practice conservation and only keep the fish you’re intending to eat – too many catches will bog down your boat. For smaller fish, a small cooler with ice will keep them stored nice and fresh. You can also wrap larger fish in netting or a burlap bag, and strap it to the front of your kayak. Another option is to use a fish stringer to carry your fish. Depending on where you’re fishing, it’s important to be aware of prey that might latch onto the fish stringer.

4. Pack the Right Kayak Fishing Gear

Make sure you have the right gear for kayak fishing. Get a kayak with a comfortable backrest, or make sure the one you already have is suited for a day of fishing. You’ll want rod holders, a paddle leash, paddle clip/holder, anchor, cooler and some storage. Most fishing kayaks come with rod holders, cup holders and plenty of front and rear storage for you to use. When you’re fishing out of a kayak you need to pack light – always keep the weight capacity of your kayak in mind.

5. Practice Kayak and Boating Safety

It’s important to practice boat safety, even when you’re kayak fishing. Dress for the water, and know what to do if you tip your kayak. Wear a properly-fitted life jacket, and bring along some basic safety gear such as a first aid kit and sunscreen. Also be aware of the weather while you’re kayak fishing. Strong wind can cause choppy waves, and fog can cause you to lose sight of your position in the water.

Kayak fishing can take practice, but it’s a fun and inexpensive way to catch some fish. For more fishing tips, visit our Fishing & Ice Fishing blog.


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