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Boat Hull Maintenance

boat hull maintenance
It may seem like a lot of work, but maintaining your boat hull is key to keeping your boat looking and performing like new.

To keep your boat in ship shape, you’ll have to put in a little work on its hull. As with other vehicles and equipment, the best way to take care of your boat is to do preventative maintenance. Cleaning and waxing your hull is a great way to make sure that one of the biggest and most important parts of your boat lives a long life. To take the best care of your boat hull, use these maintenance tips at least once a year.

Clean Your Boat Hull

By using boat hull cleaner and some boat protectant, you can clean the buildup off of your boat hull and guard it against sun, weather, and water damage. It’s going to take a lot of elbow grease, but take the time to clean every inch of your hull. Spend extra time anywhere that it looks dull or dirty. If you have a boat that’s too large to wash by hand, use a pressure washer. Make sure you pick a pressure washer with the right PSI so you don’t risk damaging your hull.

Especially if your hull is vinyl with a gelcoat, be sure to use a spray-on protectant at least once per year.

Wax Your Boat Hull

Boat wax not only makes your boat look great, but it protects your hull and makes it glide through the water more easily. There are two main types of boat wax.

Paste Boat Wax

Paste boat wax can be difficult to apply. It should be rubbed on and buffed out with a car polisher. This will give you a durable, shiny protective coating that should be reapplied at least once per year.

Liquid Boat Wax

Liquid boat wax is very easy to apply to your hull, and gives it a beautiful shine. These waxes can come in spray bottles, which make them even easier to apply. Liquid waxes don’t last as long as paste waxes, and they should be applied in both the spring and fall.

Wax is meant to prevent damage and wear on your hull, not reverse it. This is why it’s so important to wash and wax your hull regularly while your boat is new. This will help keep it looking like new.


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