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Water Tubing Safety Tips

Following safety tips will help you and your family have a great time water tubing.

One of the most enjoyable and family friendly water sports is water tubing.  While you might want to get crazy on the water, following water tubing safety tips is a must.

Wear a Life Jacket

Before you even get in the boat, make sure you have a properly fitted life jacket. While you aren’t required by law to actually wear a life jacket on a boat, you are required to wear one while on the towable tube. A big wave or unruly riders may knock you off the tube. If you do fall off the tube, it might take a while for the boat to get back to you. This is especially important for smaller children. Children’s life jackets come with extra straps, making it easier for you to get them out of the water.

Know Your Water Tubing Equipment

Water Tubing Safety
Tubing is one of the summer’s most fun water sports. Follow our tips to stay safe and have fun while water tubing.

Manufacturers put recommendations on the equipment to keep you and your family safe. Know the weight capacity, age recommendations, maximum towing speed and the amount of allowed riders. You want your water tube and tow ropes to last a long time. Check the tow rope for damage, such as fraying. You want to keep the riders safe while they have fun on the water.

Watch and Know Your Tube Rider

Know the swimming capabilities of your riders. If a rider does fall off the tube, make sure they’re comfortable with treading water. Use a spotter to keep an eye on riders in case they fall off the tube or the tow rope snaps. Your boat speed should depend on the rider. The typical speed is between 20 and 25 mph. Your goal should be to make the ride fun and safe for your riders. Going too fast or driving dangerously can turn them off from water tubing.

Know Your Body of Water

You can’t tube in shallow water. This means if the rider falls off the tube, they’ll be treading water for some time. Know the regulations and rules of the body of water you’re on. Be aware of towing speeds in certain areas. Keep a safe distance from other boaters and docks. Watch for harmful obstacles, such as rocks and buoys.

Drive Your Boat Responsibly

As the driver of the boat, you’re responsible for keeping the water tube riders safe. If you’re approaching a wake, slow down. While it may look fun to bounce the riders around, it can cause them neck and back injuries. Tubing at high speeds with sharp turns and large waves can be fun, but keep your riders’ safety in mind. Before you start up the next round of tubing, make sure the rider is ready to go. The rider should have a firm hold of the line and be in a ready position.

When you go water tubing, make sure you follow boat safety rules, too. Keep a first aid kit, paddles and life jackets or throwable flotation devices on the boat. Water tubing safely will guarantee you and your family a great summer on the water.


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