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10 Great Midwest Rivers for Boating

Get out on the water with these 10 great Midwest rivers and Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

If you live in the Midwest, you know that boating is a favorite among summer activities. Whether you’re tearing it up on a speedboat or relaxing on a pontoon, you know the river is the place to be. If you’re looking for somewhere new to go boating, try one of these great Midwest rivers, compiled by Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

10 Great Midwest Rivers for Boating
Summer in the Midwest is prime time to be out on the water. Learn about 10 great Midwest rivers (like the St. Croix River above) with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Wisconsin Rivers

Wisconsin River 

The Wisconsin River flows through the Wisconsin Dells, the ultimate summer destination in the state. It’s great for fishing, tubing, boating and sight-seeing.

Black River

If you’re boating in Wisconsin, you’ll want to visit the Black River around La Crosse. Between the hidden backwaters and winding waters, it’s perfect for boating and relaxing.

Minnesota Rivers

St. Croix River 

The St. Croix River is in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and is a tributary of the Mississippi River. It’s also a National Scenic Riverway, making it the perfect destination for boating, tubing and more.

Mississippi River

You can’t go boating in Minnesota without going down the Mississippi River. Whether you go on your own boat or hop on a boat tour, there are plenty of things to do on the river.

Iowa Rivers

Cedar River

If you plan on doing some fishing, the Cedar River is your boating destination. Walleye, smallmouth bass and catfish are just some of the abundant fish species in the Iowan river.

Des Moines River

Fishing, camping and state parks are sprinkled along the Des Moines River, which runs through the middle of the state. It’s perfect for a pontoon ride, or even a day in the kayak or canoe.

Illinois Rivers

Kishwaukee River

If you want to see wildlife preserves and wetlands, the “Kish” is a great river for your next boating adventure. Float through northern Illinois and enjoy river otters, deer, heron, osprey and more.

Illinois River

While most rivers in the list take you through rural areas, the Illinois River takes you right through downtown Chicago. From there you can float down to Grafton, Illinois and meet up with the Mississippi River.

Michigan Rivers

Grand River

All along the river you’ll find parks with boat launches, picnic tables, beaches and more. It makes for a great day out on the water with plenty of rest stops along the way.

Menominee River

Nestled between Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, the Menominee River is another great boating destination. There are quite a few boat launches to choose from, so your trip can be as long or short as you like.

This is just a short list of some of the great Midwest rivers for boating. If you’re fishing, tubing or just relaxing, you can find all your boating accessories at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You can even get your fishing license right at your local store. For more tips about being out on the water, visit our Boats & Boating blog.


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