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Homemade Fish Fry

Feed your whole family with our easy-to-make homemade fish fry.

Are you tired of going out for fish fry every Friday night? The excessive side dishes and overpriced meals can sometimes be overwhelming on both your stomach and your wallet. Spice things up for a change and try frying your own fish at home. Treat your family to a gourmet dinner without the hassle of having to reserve a table or empty your wallet. Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be enjoying a delicious, homemade fish fry in no time!

Homemade Fish Fry
Feed your whole family a delicious meal with our easy homemade fish fry directions. Use fish fry batter from Blain’s Farm & Fleet to make an easy meal everyone will enjoy.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Fish Fry

1. Wash your hands.

2. If the fish is frozen, let it thaw out. When it is done thawing, pat it dry to avoid oil splatter. The most commonly used fish for homemade fish fry are tilapia, Alaskan cod and halibut.

3. Pick up some fish fry batter mix and follow the simple instructions on the package to prepare the batter.

4. Pour some fish fry batter mix into a mixing bowl. For an easy way to coat your fish in the batter, use a batter bowl. Batter bowls come with lids that snap on. You can shake the bowl to fully coat your fish in the fish fry batter.

5. Using a knife, cut up your fish into the desired size. Remember, your fish needs to fit in the deep fryer basket.

6. Place the fish in the batter bowl with the fry mix and fasten the lid to ensure that you don’t make a mess. Shake the bowl until all of the pieces of fish are completely covered with the batter. If you’re not using a batter bowl, use your hands to fully coat the fish in the batter.

7. Fill your deep fryer with the appropriate amount of frying oil.

8. Once the oil has reached the appropriate temperature, place the battered fish into the deep fryer. Make sure not to overcrowd the frying basket; this can result in under-cooked fish or make the oil overflow. For your safety, do not touch the deep fryer and never leave it unattended.

9. When the batter is crispy and golden brown, use a pair of metal tongs to remove the fish. Place the fried fish on some paper towels to soak up the extra oil.

10. Wait for your fish to cool down. Serve with a side of lemon wedges, tartar sauce and choice of potato for a true fish fry. Enjoy!


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