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10 Recipes for Mason Jar Salads

Bring your healthy lunch on the go with these recipes for mason jar salads.

If you’re sick of bringing the same old leftovers to work for lunch, you’re in luck. Mason jar salads are an easy way to eat a healthy meal on the go. Simply layer the ingredients in a mason jar–or multiple jars if you’re prepping for the whole week–throw them in the fridge, and you’re ready to go. The mason jars help the greens stay crispy longer, so you can easily prep multiple salads for the week. To get you started, we’ve compiled some great mason jar salad recipes for you to try.

10 Recipes for Mason Jar Salads
Layer up your lunch with these recipes for mason jar salads from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You can make easy, healthy, ready-to-go meals, all neatly packed in a cute mason jar.

10 Recipes for Mason Jar Salads

1. Greek Mason Jar Salad – Take a Greek salad to work with the recipe from Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice. Packed with zucchini, chickpeas, tomatoes and more, you’ll be full until you get home for dinner.

2. BLT Salad in a Jar – Swap out the classic sandwich for a BLT salad with the recipe from It All Started with Paint. Just shake up the mason jar and you have a delicious meal. Plus, it includes everyone’s favorite–bacon!

3. Red, White and Blue Mason Jar Salad – These salads from the Cookie Rookie are perfect for any time, but you can also serve them at your next Memorial Day or Independence Day party! The layers of blueberries, feta cheese and strawberries make for a pretty–and tasty–meal.

4. BBQ Ranch Chicken Mason Jar Salad – This salad from Mama Cheaps is perfect for your weekly meal prep. Just cook up some chicken and make salads you can take to work all week long.

5. Burrito Bowl Mason Jar Salad – If you like Tex-Mex, you’re in for a treat with the recipe from Strictly Delicious. Plus, it’s a healthy version of a classic burrito bowl, with quinoa, chicken breast and Greek yogurt in place of sour cream.

6. Tropical Sriracha Chicken Salad – Treat your taste buds with this sweet and spicy salad from the Healthy Maven. The combination of pineapple marinated chicken and spicy Sriracha is perfect for lunch or dinner.

7. Seven-Layer Avocado Salad in a Mason Jar – Pack in the vegetables with the recipe from California Avocados. Not only does the salad look great, but it’s full of nutritious vegetables–some that you can get right from your vegetable garden.

8. Layered Taco Salad with Cilantro-Lime Dressing – If you want a vegetarian option, look no further than this recipe from Pop Sugar. The cilantro-lime dressing adds a special kick to the mason jar taco salad.

9. Cheeseburger Salad in a Jar with Special Sauce – Yes, you can make a healthier version of a cheeseburger with this recipe from Baby Loving Mama. Layer all your burger ingredients–including a special dill pickle sauce–for an easy mason jar meal.

10. Easy Mason Jar Southwest Salad – This salad from My Frugal Adventures is easy to make, and will keep in the fridge for two or three days. It’s an easy meal that’s healthy, too.

Just remember to always pack your mason jar salads in this order: dressing, large ingredients, toppings and greens. Keeping the greens and dressing separated will help the greens from getting soggy. It’s that easy. For more recipe ideas, visit our In the Kitchen blog. If you’re interested in more mason jar articles, visit our Canning blog.


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