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What Should I Do With My Old Tires?

Learn what to do with your old tires after they’re replaced at your local tire shop.

When you get new tires put on your vehicle, you may wonder what happens with the old tires. If you’re feeling creative or crafty, you can reuse your old tires around your home or garden. If you don’t want to keep your old tires, your local tire shop can recycle them for you when you get your tires changed.

What Should I Do With My Old Tires From the Tire Shop?
You have plenty of options when it comes to your old tires. When you get your new tires at Blain’s Farm & Fleet, your old tires are recycled and turned into crumb rubber. That crumb rubber is used for rubber mulch, rubber asphalt and more.

Make a Tire Swing

Making a tire swing is a classic way to reuse an old tire. Not only will it add a bit of country charm to your yard, but the kids will have a blast swinging on it. Pick a large tree with sturdy branches, and you’ll be ready for hours of fun.

Make a Garden Planter

Old tires can make fun and creative garden planters. To give your tires and garden a pop of color, simply spray paint the tires with fun, bright paint. To hang the planter, use a chain like you’re hanging a tire swing. Drill a few drainage holes in the bottom and fill the bottom part of the tire with potting soil and the flowers of your choice. You can also use old tires to as pond liners or even individual garden or ground planters.

Recycle Your Tires at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

When you get your tires installed at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet tire shop, your old tires will be recycled. They’re shipped off to Liberty Tire Recycling, where they’re recycled and reused for a variety of purposes. Liberty Tire makes the old tires into crumb rubber. The crumb rubber is used to pave roads and make football field turf. It’s even used as rubber mulch, which is safer than stone or wood. By recycling your tires with Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’re essentially going green and reducing your carbon footprint.

Other Tire Services at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

While you can get your tires replaced at Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we also offer other auto repair and tire services. At our service center, you can get your tires balanced, repaired and more. Our ASE certified technicians are there to give you a smooth and safe ride. Request a quote online or call 1-800-365-9936 to schedule an appointment at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet.


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