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What is Sea Foam?

Sea Foam can be added to your vehicles engine oil or fuel to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
Sea Foam can be added to your vehicle’s engine oil or fuel to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Sea Foam motor treatment is a petroleum-based fuel and oil additive that every car or truck owner should keep handy.  Since it’s made from crude oil, Sea Foam is safe to use in both your oil crankcase and your fuel system. You can add Sea Foam to gas, diesel fuel, or motor oil to clean your engine’s fuel system and engine components. Sea Foam also works as a fuel stabilizer and diesel fuel anti-gel. It can even increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by removing buildup and deposits from your fuel injectors, pistons, and intake valves.

Add Sea Foam to Motor Oil

With every oil change, replace a half quart of your motor oil with Sea Foam to clean deposits and build-up from your car or truck’s engine. This will help your engine run smoother and more efficiently, increasing gas mileage. Regularly adding Sea Foam to your motor oil can help prolong the life of your engine and keep it running smoothly.

Add Sea Foam to Gas

When you add Sea Foam to gas, it acts as a fuel stabilizer and fuel system cleaner. Add a can of Sea Foam to a full tank of gas to clean buildup from your car or truck’s fuel injectors, cylinders, and pistons. This will also stabilize its fuel for storage. You can also use Sea Foam as an ethanol treatment in fuel used in older vehicles and small engines. It will prevent the buildup of ethanol gel and residue on carb jets to keep the engine running smooth. It also works as a gas line dryer to prevent fuel lines from freezing up in cold weather.

Add Sea Foam to Diesel Fuel

In addition to cleaning the fuel system like it does in gas engines, Sea Foam is particularly useful for diesel engines. It adds lubrication to the fuel, which reduces wear on engine and fuel system parts. It also cleans deposits from the combustion chamber in diesels. Most diesel fuel additives only offer one or two of these benefits, but Sea Foam is an all-in-one diesel fuel and oil additive.


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