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Small Pet Supplies

Make sure you have all the small pet supplies for your hamsters, rabbits and more.

From guinea pigs to hamsters and every small animal in between, you can trust the animal experts to have the supplies you need. A small pet is a great addition or alternative to larger pets like cats and dogs. Knowing which small pet supplies you’ll need is the first step to adding a pet to your family. Use our basic checklist to make sure you have all the small pet supplies for your hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and more.

Small Pet Supplies
Whether it’s a guinea pig, hamster or something in between, your Blain’s Farm & Fleet animal experts have all the supplies you need to give your new family member the best care.


Different small pet species need different housing. Hamsters and gerbils require a cage that gives them enough room to be active–adding an exercise wheel won’t hurt. Guinea pigs don’t need as much exercise, but still need some room to see what’s going on outside their housing and be able to hide.

Rabbits need plenty of room to run and roam. A rabbit hutch is one option–read through our article about housing rabbits in a hutch.

Ferrets, chinchillas and pet rats are climbers. A tall, vertical cage with varying levels and platforms will give them room to climb and play.


Each type of small pet has different nutritional needs. It’s important to feed your chosen pet food that’s made specially for them. It has the nutrients they need for a healthy and balanced diet. Of course, there is some human food your small pets will enjoy as a snack or treat. Hamsters and gerbils like fresh veggies and fruit–in moderation. Pet mice and rats will eat fresh vegetables. Rabbits munch on hay and rabbit food. They’ll also eat some fresh veggies. Chinchillas have a more specific diet, and should stick to chinchilla food. Guinea pigs also need to stick to guinea pig food, which provides complete nutrition. Same goes for ferrets.

To feed your small animal, you’ll need a bowl or dish. The feeding bowl needs to be heavy enough that it can’t be flipped over by your pet, resulting in wasted feed that gets scattered all over their cage. Also keep in mind that some small pets are heavy chewers and might chew through a plastic dish. A ceramic or metal feeding dish is good option because they’re heavier than plastic and can’t be chewed through.


Any small animal needs a fresh water supply that can last them throughout the whole day. The easiest option is a water bottle that attaches to the side of their cage. Keep in mind the size of your animal and the size of the water bottle. A water bottle that’s too small can lead to your pet running out of water. One that’s too big may make it hard for your pet to drink from. Ideally, you’ll want to change your pet’s water daily.


Small pets also need bedding, which helps absorb waste and water. Bedding can be made from different sources, such as corn cob, paper and wood chips. When you’re looking at bedding, make sure its safe for the animal. Whichever kind you choose, it needs to be changed regularly.

Toys & Chews

Like any pet, small animals also need toys to stay entertained. Plus, it’s pretty entertaining to watch your small animals play with the toys, too. Chews and toys can help deter your animals from chewing on their cages, bowls, etc.

Ultimately, you’ll need to do research on any small pet you add to your family. They all have different needs and require specific care and small pet supplies. Work with your local  veterinarian to give your small pet the best care. Also remember that there are plenty of small pets at your local animal shelter or humane society, waiting for their forever homes.

We have “Farm” in our name, so you know we know animals, big and small. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find all the pet supplies you need, for animals big and small. For more tips on caring for farm animals, dogs, cats and more, visit our Hobby Farming and Pet Care blogs.


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