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Hobby Farm Small Animals

Starter Animals For Hobby Farms
Are you wondering which animals you should raise on your hobby farm? Let us help you.

Hobby farming can be rewarding but it’s important to select the right animals for you.

You have to consider what you’re hoping to produce on your farm. You have to think about how much work you want to put into your livestock. We give you some examples of great starter animals for your hobby farm.


Chickens are widely considered to be the best animals to start with on a hobby farm. Although raising baby chicks can be a timely commitment, they become easy to take care of when they’re full grown. They will need a chicken coop for shelter, which can easily be built. Chickens will also produce eggs for your farm family. Egg production can turn into a small business for your hobby farm, if you’re willing to raise more chickens.


Honeybees are a lot of work at first. Once you get the hang of beekeeping, the reward of honey and beeswax production will be worth it. The honey harvested from the bees can produce another income for your hobby farm. Beeswax can also be used for a variety of products, such as lip balm and candles. Bees are great because they can pollinate any flowers you have on the farm.


Goats are grazers, which can be helpful for your hobby farm. They like to graze on small trees and shrubs, clearing land for other farm endeavors such as gardening or growing crops. Goats also produce milk, which you can drink or use to make cheese. However, we highly recommend using strong fencing for you goats. They have a tendency to get out.


Turkeys are typically raised for their meat, not eggs. Turkeys can be a great animal to have on your hobby farm. However, raising chickens and turkeys together can cause problems. Chickens are susceptible to carrying blackhead disease. This can affect turkeys, causing liver damage and probable death. It’s best to research the levels of blackhead disease in your area. There is the option to keep the turkeys and chickens separated. If you want to keep chickens and turkeys together, there is medication for the turkeys to prevent blackhead.


Rabbits are considered a great starter pet, especially if you have children helping you on your farm. Rabbit droppings can be composted and used as an organic fertilizer for your garden. The high amount of nitrogen and phosphorus found in rabbit manure can be especially beneficial for your garden. Rabbits are easy to take care of, and are a great addition to any hobby farm.


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