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Housing Rabbits in a Rabbit Hutch

Make your rabbits feel at home in their very own rabbit hutch.

Rabbits are a great addition to any hobby farm. Not only are they cute and cuddly, they can actually help you on the farm. Rabbit droppings can be composted and used to organically fertilize your garden. Providing your rabbits with the proper housing is a must.

It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of keeping your rabbit outside in a rabbit hutch. Rabbits can die of shock from just seeing a predator. Domesticated rabbits don’t have the same survival skills as wild rabbits, and don’t like to be isolated, left in extreme conditions or surprised. If you choose to have more than one rabbit, make sure they’re spayed or neutered. It’s your choice if you want to house your rabbits outside, but know the risks involved. We recommend working with your local veterinarian to provide your rabbits with the best care.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to provide them with ample room to run and play. You also need to provide your rabbit with chewy toys, bedding and a safe place to retreat to at the end of the day.

Housing Rabbits in a Rabbit Hutch
Your pet rabbits can enjoy a happy and comfortable life in a rabbit hutch. Learn what your hutch needs to be the perfect home for your rabbits.

Choosing a Rabbit Hutch

Your rabbits need to move around and run, but they also need a secure place to sleep and eat. If you choose a starter rabbit hutch, it’s a good idea to build an enclosure around it where they can safely get outside. A rabbit run can be attached to the hutch, giving your rabbit a secure outside space.

Typically, a rabbit hutch should be made with a wooden frame and solid wood or metal roof. It’s important to have at least one wire mesh wall for ventilation. Some hutches come with wire floors, but these are bad for your rabbit’s feet. If you do buy a hutch with a wire floor, install wood or plastic floorboards for the rabbit to rest on.

Inside the Hutch

Rabbits like to have a nesting box or comfy bedding to sleep in. In the colder months, it gives your rabbits a place to snuggle up and keep warm while in the rabbit hutch. Be sure to change the bedding, especially if it gets damp.

Your rabbit should also have a litter box in the hutch. If you choose not to have a litter box, install a plastic droppings pan under the mesh floor for easy cleanup.

Security from Predators

It’s vital for your rabbits to be completely protected from predators such as foxes, raccoons, cats and dogs. Your rabbit’s habitat should be built to keep them in and predators out. An enclosed sleeping area will help put your rabbit at ease. Secure bolts should also be on the hutch to prevent predators from getting in. A barrel bolt is a great way to keep the hutch secure.

Whether you choose to use a rabbit hutch or not, it’s important to always provide the best care for your rabbit. Also remember that there are plenty of loving, adoptable rabbits at local shelters, just waiting for their forever home.


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