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Patio Lights: A Beginner’s Guide

patio lights
You can use solar-powered stake patio lights to make your patio feel more like a walled-in living space for evening parties.

Lighting your patio is good on so many levels. It can provide security and a great mood to your backyard space. There are about as many patio lights out there as there are stars in sky, and choosing mostly comes down to personal taste. However, Blain’s Farm & Fleet can help you narrow down what you need for your patio. The first step is to think about what you use your patio for, and what you want your patio lights to do.

Patio Lights for Security

If you light your yard well at night, you make your home less appealing to vandals and burglars. That’s one reason that many patio owners install a bright, white LED dusk to dawn light. These patio lights flood your backyard space with bright, neutral light that deters strangers from trespassing. They use a light sensor to tell when it’s getting dark out, so they don’t waste electricity during the day. They provide security, but they can be a little harsh if you’re having a party or get-together that lasts into the night. If you’re a patio owner who mostly uses their patio during the day, then a security light is a great choice.

Patio Lights for Parties

For nighttime parties and gatherings, you can use softer lights and lanterns for a relaxed mood. You can buy decorative mason jar lights, or make your own mason jar tealight candle lamps. Lantern-style lights and other decorative patio lights can be used as decorative pieces to add color to your backyard space. You can also surround your patio with tall patio stake lights to wall it in and make it into an outdoor living room. If you use your patio for a lot of evening parties, this is a great choice that will make it a more homey space.

Patio Lights for Landscaping

Using the right path lights, you can draw attention to the gardens and landscaping around your patio. You can also use them to wall in your patio and make it seem more like a living space. If you have a water feature in your yard, you can use outdoor lights to light it up for a great view from the patio.

Depending on the layout of your yard and what you use it for, you can narrow down the type of lights you’re after. Then you just have to decide the small things that are a matter of taste.

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