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5 Patio Ideas for A Restful Oasis

If you’re getting tired of the same old patio decor, or you’re just looking to make your patio more relaxing, you may want to try these patio ideas for turning your backyard spaces into an outdoor oasis. From plants to furniture, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has what you need to make your own relaxing vacation spot right in your backyard.

5 Patio Ideas to Transform Your Space into an Outdoor Oasis

1. Set a budget and pick a design.

Set your budget first. If you have a low budget, you’ll want to focus on cheaper design options, like plants and planters. Your budget can also determine which design theme or style you want to go with. If you have a big budget, you can afford a drastic change from a simple patio to a tropical spot with plants, shrubs, chairs, umbrellas, and tiki torches. If you have a smaller one, you may want to focus on the basics and adding some color with a flag and some small flowers.

2. Pick smaller, lightweight patio furniture.

When you shop for patio furniture, look for pieces with lightweight framework. This will allow you to rearrange your patio space for different events. The smaller furniture will also give you more room and make your space seem larger.

3. Use planters.

patio designs patio ideas
These 5 great patio ideas will help you turn your patio into an outdoor oasis.

There’s often very little room for planting flowers and shrubs around your patio, so you may want to make use of flower pots and planters to give your space color. Remember, it’s all about making the space feel bigger and more open, so look for tall, narrow flower pots and planters to hold your plants.

4. Use patio umbrellas.

If you use your patio most in the heat of the day, try to set things up in a way that will give you the most shade. This is where a patio umbrella comes in handy if you don’t have many trees around. Patio umbrellas allow you to either block the sun or bask in it. This kind of flexibility helps you relax how you want whenever you want.

5. Arrange your setup to give you the best view. 

If you use your patio mostly in the morning, arrange your furniture to point east to give you a view of the rising sun. If you use it most in the evening, point things west to watch the sunset. If you live in town, face everything away from the road or sidewalk to avoid the distractions outside your oasis. This will keep things relaxing and focused on your yard so you can rest up. The best patio ideas are as simple as catering the space to your own habits and surroundings.


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