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Location Spotlight: Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Make Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Oak Creek, Wisconsin your go-to place for tires.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand that we all should do our part to work toward a greener future. That’s why we invest in green infrastructure, just like the city of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The city has developed a plan for a sustainable, environmentally friendly town square, called Drexel Town Square.

Location Spotlight Oak Creek,Wisconsin
Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Oak Creek, Wisconsin is just one of our locations putting in the effort to go green.

It will feature lots of green space, bike and walking paths, as well as a wetlands habitat. The wetlands area will include three storm water detention ponds and will hopefully become home to turtles and other wildlife. Drexel Town Square will also use pervious pavers, which filter debris from storm water. We want to do our part to help the environment in Oak Creek, and it begins in our tire shop.

Recycling Tires at  Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Oak Creek, Wisconsin

When you come into our Oak Creek tire shop and service center, you’ll find quality service and more. After your new tires are put on, we recycle your old tires. They’re sent to Liberty Tire Recycling, where they’re processed and reused for a variety of products. Rubberized asphalt highways are constructed from the old tires. They use less materials than traditional asphalt and last longer. Just think, someday you could be riding down the road that’s made from your old tires.

The old tires are also made into rubber nuggets, used as playground cushioning. Your kids can safely on the playground, and by recycling those old tires, we all can help make that happen. You get new tires and you’re potentially helping your community.

Other Tire and Auto Repair Services

Not only can you buy new tires at our Oak Creek, Wisconsin store, but you can have them serviced, too. We offer tire repair, tire balancing and more to help you have the safest and smoothest ride. We also have a tire lookup feature to shop for tires online. Simply search by your car’s make, model and year to be matched up with the right size tires. You can settle for cheap tires somewhere else, or choose from our top, trusted brands like Yokohama, Dunlop, Goodyear and Cooper Tire. Even ask one of our friendly service center team members about discount tires or browse the latest flyer online for any ongoing tire sales. For all of our auto repair and tire services, you can request a quote online or call 1-800-365-9936 to schedule an appointment.


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