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Location Spotlight: Kankakee, Illinois

Recycling tires is just one reason Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Kankakee, Illinois should be your go-to auto repair and tire shop.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we pride ourselves on going green and helping the environment as much as we can. Our Kankakee, Illinois store is no different. The city of Kankakee and village of Bourbonnais, both in Illinois, have put in great efforts to go green. In Bourbonnais, the village provides residents with 96 gallon recycling totes. These totes are used to recycle glass, aluminum, paper and more, all to reduce litter problems and encourage recycling efforts.

Location Spotlight Kankakee Illinois
Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Kankakee, Illinois works side-by-side with the community to create a better world through recycling tires.

Kankakee Community College was voted one of the greenest colleges in the country for all of their efforts to help the environment. As a member of the Illinois Green Energy Network, KCC uses alternative energy on campus, including solar thermal energy and wind power. Students and faculty alike are strongly encouraged to recycle and conserve energy as much as possible. KCC has even put efforts into sending e-waste (such as computers systems) to Africa and South America to be used in schools.

KCC encourages students to even go into environmental fields, and offers programs in sustainable resource management and studies of renewable energy. KCC’s sustainability program makes an impact on not only the school, but the community as a whole.

Old Tires Brought Back to Life

In terms of reusing and recycling, our Kankakee, Illinois store puts forth those same efforts. When you come in to have your tires replaced, you might wonder what our store does with the old tires. The old tires are loaded up in a semi truck and taken to Liberty Tire Recycling. The recycled tires are re-purposed and reused for a variety of things. Some of the old tires are made into rubberized asphalt, which makes roads last longer and provides a smoother ride.

The old tires are also used to create synthetic turf for football and soccer fields, even in the NFL. The tires recycled by Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Kankakee may even be in your neighborhood, providing a safe play area for the kids at the park. Instead of wood chips or gravel, recycled crumb rubber is used as playground cushioning.

When you shop at the Kankakee store, you’re not only getting new tires at your local tire shop; you’re potentially giving back to your community and beyond.

What Kankakee Has to Offer

The Kankakee store offers a full service auto repair shop, including tire repair and tire rotation. If you’re looking for new tires, you can visit the tire shop. One of Kankakee’s friendly associates can help you find the right tires for your vehicles, and even tell you about discount tires. With brands like Goodyear, Cooper Tire and Yokohama, you can’t go wrong with tires from Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Kankakee, Illinois. You can request quotes online for individual automotive services, or you can call 1-800-365-9936 for appointments and automotive customer care.


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