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What is the Difference Between SUV Tires and Truck Tires?

Learn about the differences between SUV tires and truck tires.

Once you know how to choose a SUV tire, you’re probably wondering about the difference between SUV tires and truck tires. While it may seem like a gray area, you’ll be surprised there are quite a few differences between the two (and tires for other vehicles). When you’re shopping for tires online, you’ll find a lot of websites compare light truck and passenger tires, but not SUV tires and truck tires. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn the differences and find quality tires.

SUV Tires vs. Truck Tires

What is the Difference Between SUV Tires and Truck Tires?
If you have a truck or SUV and need new tires, you may not know the difference between a truck tire or SUV tire. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find the right tires for your vehicle.

Truck tires are generally more aggressive, have a taller sidewall, and are rated to carry heavier loads than SUV tires. With that being said, a lot of truck tires are offered in SUV sizes, and the line that divides truck tires from SUV tires in terms of tire size is pretty blurry. Some SUVs use a “truck size” tire, and some newer trucks take tires that are more commonly an SUV size.

The main difference between a SUV tire and a truck tire is the style of the tire and what its primary benefits are. For example, the Cooper Discoverer CTS is marketed as a long-lasting tire with a comfortable, quiet ride. Compare that to the Discoverer HT or AT3, which are marketed for their traction.

Light Truck Tires vs. Passenger Truck Tires

You’ll also want to know the difference between light truck (LT) tires and passenger truck tires. SUVs almost never take an LT size, but trucks can take both. LT tires can handle a heavier load than passenger tires. Light truck tires are typically more durable, because they’re made with a thicker rubber compound than other tires. However, they usually cost more than passenger truck tires.

Passenger truck tires can provide a smoother ride than LT tires. They’re also less expensive, and are easier to find. However, they don’t have the ability to carry heavy loads. If you want to do any towing with your truck, you’ll want LT tires. Passenger tires also have thinner sidewalls, making them less durable than LT tires.

Whichever SUV tires or truck tires you choose, you can always find quality tires at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Use our tire lookup feature to find the perfect truck tire or SUV tire. You can also visit your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet automotive service center to buy tires. Not only do we have tires for sale, our service centers offer light truck tire mounting, passenger tire mounting, tire balancing and more.


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