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What is a Tire Speed Rating?

You don’t have to visit a tire shop to figure out your tire speed rating.

Whether you’re trying to figure out your tire size, or browsing through new tires at your local tire shop, you need to know about speed rating. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn what a tire speed rating is, where to find it on your vehicle, and which rating is right for your vehicle.

What is Tire Speed Rating?

The tire speed rating scale is determined the by U.S. Government. Tire manufacturers test their tires and make their own speed ratings. The tires are tested to determine if they meet the minimum standards for reaching and maintaining a specified speed. Different letters designate different speed ratings.

What is a Tire Speed Rating? Tire Shop
The tire speed rating indicates the tested speed of a tire, and how fast that tire can safely go.

Q = 99 mph
S = 112 mph
T = 118 mph
U = 124 mph
H = 130 mph
V = up to 149 mph
Z = 149 mph and above
W = 168 mph
Y = 186 mph

Where to Find Tire Speed Rating

You can find the recommended tire speed rating for your vehicle in a few places. It’s listed as part of the tire size. You’ll find your tire size in your owner’s manual, or on a sticker that’s typically located inside the drive-side door jamb, fuel door or glove compartment. The sidewall of your tire will also have the tire size reading. The speed rating will be the last letter listed in the tire size.

Which Tire Speed Rating is Right for My Vehicle?

The higher the speed rating, the better performance and handling you’ll have. With a higher speed rating, you’re also sacrificing the tread life of your tires. The tire tread will wear down more quickly as you drive at higher speeds. When you’re looking at tire speed ratings, always go with at least the manufacturer recommended rating. If you want a higher speed rating, that’s fine. Just don’t go below what the manufacturer recommends.

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