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Choosing the Right Chickens Breeds for Ornamental Use

Choose the right chickens for ornamental use with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Whether you just want to have pretty chickens on the farm, or you plan on showing them at the state fair, certain chickens are known for ornamental use. Learn about popular ornamental chicken breeds with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Choosing the Right Chickens for Ornamental Use
Some chickens are meant for meat or egg production, but others are meant for ornamental use. Learn about these unusual chicken breeds with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Black Cochin

Black Cochin chickens are beautiful birds known for their large size and soft feathers. They make great pets as they’re gentle and have a kid-friendly temperament. Their appearance and gentle nature also make them great show birds. Black Cochins are cold tolerant and can handle colder regions well, so they’re the perfect backyard chicken in the Midwest.

Buff Laced Polish

Buff Laced Polish chickens are unusual and beautiful birds. They have rich, buff color feathers with creamy white accents. If you’re interested in showing birds or keeping rare poultry around, the Buff Laced Polish are the chickens for you.


Lakenvelder birds are an older breed, dating back to the 1830s in Germany. These rare birds have striking white and black feathers, and slate colored legs that set them apart from other chicken breeds. Lakenvelders are quick and active, so they should be given room to forage and free range.

Silver Lace Polish

The Silver Lace Polish are the most striking in appearance of the Poland fowls. Their feathers are silvery white, each laced with a lustrous black. They’re known for their crest of feathers that grow in a knob from their skull. Silver Lace Polish make great show birds.

White Silkie Bantam

White Silkie Bantams are another ornamental bird with a striking appearance. These miniatures sized birds are known for their turquoise earlobes, hair-like feathering, black skin and fifth toe. They’re kid-friendly and make good mothers. White Silkie Bantams are one of the most popular breeds at poultry shows, and make for great backyard pets.

Find these ornamental breeds and more during Chick Days at your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You’ll also find everything you need to take care of your flock: chicken feeders, chicken coops, chicken feed and more. For tips on caring for your backyard chickens and other animals on the farm, visit our Hobby Farming blog.


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