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Chicken Feeder & Waterer Buyer’s Guide

Choose the right chicken feeder and waterer for your flock with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Once you’ve selected the right chicken feed for your flock, you’ll need the right chicken feeder and waterer. With any chicken feeder or waterer, you’ll want to set or hang it high enough to keep it clean. Chickens have a tendency to kick and scratch up debris and dirt, with it landing right in their food and water.

Chicken Feeder & Waterer Buyer's Guide
Feeding and watering your chickens requires a proper chicken feeder and poultry fountain. Learn about the different types of feeders and waterers with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Types of Chickens Feeders

When you’re choosing a chicken feeder, your main goal should be keeping it clean, and avoiding spillage. You don’t want to waste chicken feed, or have the feed ruined by debris. There are a few styles to choose from.

Chick Feeder – To feed baby chicks, start by spreading out chick starter feed on newspaper or paper towel so the chicks can find it. Also have feed available in a trough feeder or a hanging chick feeder.

Hanging Feeder – A hanging feeder is hung off the ground. It keeps chicken scratch and debris from entering the feeder. It can also help deter mice and other rodents from getting into the chicken feed.

Trough – A trough or ground feeder works well when you’re feeding a larger flock. Some styles can be propped up, getting it a little higher off the ground. Flip top feeders make it easy to clean up and fill. A reel top ground feeder has a reel on top, which helps prevent chickens from roosting on the feeder.

Types of Chicken Waterers

Whether you have baby chicks or full-grown laying hens, you need to change their water daily. Debris, feathers, feed and more can all contaminate their drinking water if it’s not changed regularly. Read our article about the importance of water for your flock for a more in-depth look at keeping your chickens hydrated.

Chick Waterers – When it comes to baby chicks, you’ll need to use a specially made chick waterer. A deep, open bowl can be potentially dangerous for baby chicks, as they can drown.

Heated Poultry Fountain – In the winter months, you can keep your flock’s water from freezing over with a heated poultry fountain. In the warmer months, simply unplug it for a regular fountain. You can also use a heated base to help the water from freezing over. Only use a heated base with a metal waterer.

Plastic vs. Galvanized Metal

The most common chicken feeders and waterers are made from plastic or galvanized metal. Plastic ones are generally cheaper and easier to clean. Galvanized metal ones, while more expensive, are more durable and long-lasting. It really comes down to personal preference, budget and what you think is best for your flock.

Raising backyard chickens can require a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it. To provide your flock with the best care, always work with your local veterinarian and feed supplier. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find all the poultry equipment you need for your chickens. Plus, you can start your own flock by ordering baby chicks during Chick Days. For tips on caring for your backyard chickens, visit our Hobby Farming blog.


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