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How to Install an Electric Fence Charger

Learn how to install an electric fence charger with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. An electric fence is more than just a physical barrier for an animal–it’s a psychological one, too. Once an animal touches an electric fence and feels the unpleasant shock, it will associate that bad feeling with the fence and learn not to go near it. Upon installing your electrically charged fence, any animal that comes in contact(…)

How to Select the Right Fence Controller

Find the right fence controller for your electric fence with Blain’s Farm & Fleet and Zareba. The right fence controller is one of the most important items in your electric fence system. Finding the best-matched fencer for your fence is imperative to successfully contain/exclude animals. By determining the power source, type and number of fence lines, weed conditions, area to enclose and animals to be controlled, you should be able(…)

How to Put Up a Snow Fence

Learn how to put up a snow fence before the snow really starts to fly. If you live in the Midwest, you know that snow starts early and keeps falling well into the season. While some might find the white, fluffy stuff fun, it can be a real pain when it starts to drift, especially on your driveway. If you have a long driveway or just want to keep the(…)

Electric Fence Introduction

An electric fence will help keep your farm animals safe. Your farm is your life. Whether you need your farm to make a living, or it’s just a hobby, you want to protect the investments you’ve made. One way to start is by making sure your livestock and other farm animals are safe. An electric fence will keep your animals in and potential predators out, giving you peace of mind. Once(…)

Garden Fences and Their Uses

There’s nothing more infuriating than stepping out on a beautiful morning to inspect your well cared for vegetable garden only to find that a bunny or a herd of deer have plowed it down like thieves in the night. Before you go out and get a pack of Scottish Deer Hounds to guard your garden, we suggest you read this article on the different kinds of garden fences. Common Garden(…)


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