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10 Ways to Kill Garden Weeds

Get rid of garden weeds with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

You work hard to grow your flower or vegetable garden. When weeds start to pop up, they not only ruin the appearance of your beautiful garden, but they also suck up nutrients that your plants need. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn about 10 different ways to kill unwanted garden weeds.

10 Ways to Kill Garden Weeds
Garden weeds can be quite an eyesore in your flower or vegetable garden. Learn about 10 easy ways to get rid of garden weeds with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Use mulchMulch will keep sunlight from hitting the soil, inhibiting growth underneath it. This works well to keep weeds from growing. Use mulch between your plants, while leaving a few inches around the plant base to keep insects and bacteria away.

2. Use vinegar – Get rid of pesky dandelions with white or apple cider vinegar. Fill up a spray bottle and spray the middle of the flower. Also spray the stem so the vinegar soaks into the roots.

3. Plant cover crops – Cover crops can reduce weeds by using up all the nutrients and light weeds need to grow. Some common cover crops are sudangrass, barley, oats, wheat and rye. Plant them during the growing season and plow them before you plant your garden.

4. Pull the weeds – Pulling weeds can be a pain, so break it up in small patches. You don’t have to work through your entire garden in one day. Be sure to wear garden gloves and use a garden pad if you plan on weeding for an extended amount of time.

5. Use salt – This method is best used for sidewalk cracks or garden pathways. It should only be used in areas where you don’t want anything to grow, even your garden plants. You can sprinkle on rock salt or use a mixture of 1 cup salt and 2 cups boiling water in a spray bottle.

6. Cover weeds with carpet scraps or newspaper – This method is similar to using mulch, in that it blocks out sunlight. With carpet scraps or newspaper strips, you can help keep moisture in the soil, and block out sunlight for garden weeds. Cover your garden with newspaper or carpet scraps, and then add mulch on top. These two layers should keep weeds from popping through.

7. Dig out the weeds – Part of proper weeding is getting the root out of the soil. Instead of simply hand-pulling weeds, you might need to use a garden spade or spading fork to dig up the roots.

8. Use boiling water – Fill up your tea kettle and douse the weeds with boiling water. Just be careful not to get the hot water on any of your garden plants–the hot water will not only kill the weeds, but any other plants it touches, too.

9. Plant plants close together – This kind of goes along with planting cover crops. If you have rich, healthy soil you can plant your plants closer together to close in on gaps where weeds will grow. A combination of close planting and cover crops is a great way to utilize garden space while keeping out weeds.

10. Use herbicide – If you use an herbicide, it’s crucial you read the label. The label will tell you which vegetables you can use it with, and how it will need to be applied.

These simple tips can be used to get rid of garden weeds. If you need to tackle weeds in your lawn, we suggest you read through our articles about lawn weeds and crabgrass. For more tips on caring for your lawn and garden, visit our Lawn Care and Gardening blogs.


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